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Empower Your Workforce, Elevate Employee Engagement

Meeting with Teleopti’s own customers, it is clear employee engagement holds huge importance in creating the best performing contact centers with the highest customer service. That's why we focus on workforce engagement possibilities in our product and delivery, and also in our company culture and core values.

Why employee engagement matters

Companies are becoming more and more aware of the fact that employee satisfaction must be embraced. The engagement of the workforce is directly linked to multiple factors that cause a company to surpass business goals or fail to meet them. 

Engaging employees creates a customer service community that has:

  • Great Customer Experience 
    Those in your front line will push for the best solutions for customers and generally have a friendlier attitude to their customer interactions if they feel supported by the company and engaged with the work they do.
  • Employee Loyalty
    Engaged employees are less likely to look for other options and leave. Reducing employee turnover means you retain staff experience and skills, as well as limiting the HR costs that go into recruiting and onboarding new front-line employees.
  • Efficient and Profitable Operations
    Motivated teams are more productive in the work they do. Equally, retaining experienced staff means you maintain their speed for handling activities and incoming customer contact; people learning a new job are naturally slower. Driving loyalty by providing customers with an effective experience while reducing costs with greater efficiency means your contact center operations are set to be profitable. 
  • A Positive Working Environment
    A satisfied workforce has a snowball effect on the general work environment and morale of all. After all, happiness can be infectious, just as unhappiness can be. A great environment and good reputation attract people from other companies, meaning lower recruitment costs. 

Built into our WFM DNA

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the need for an engaged workforce is built into our Scandinavian roots. Driven by this cultural need for a satisfied workforce, we’ve been developing engagement functionality for over 25 years. Some of the very first modules we released were grounded in balancing scheduling needs and employee wishes. Still today, the Teleopti WFM product roadmap focuses on developing great agent engagement functionality, with our product team listening to customer feedback on what their workforce really wants and needs.

We've learned from our collaboration with Teleopti that terms 
such as ‘user-focus’ and ‘work-life balance’ are not just empty phrases.

Daniel Tikka Zandhers, Head of Workforce Operations, Telia

Engagement from every angle

Engagement is more than just a buzz word. It has a real need and a real impact on employee retention, performance and customer loyalty. We see that workforce management must hold a holistic approach to engaging employees, which is why Teleopti’s product development focuses on it in a multi-dimensional way.


Motivating employees can involve positive rewards or negative punishment to achieve desired results. Teleopti builds tools around the positive aspect, promoting productivity through a fun, gamified environment.


People often strive for control and collaboration in their work. Teleopti offers a range of self-service tools, empowering employees to get feedback and take action anywhere; on the job via a web portal or on the bus with the mobile app.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is about being able to fit my work around my life and not my life around my work. Our industry-leading solutions allow employees to influence when they should work or be off, including shift trading, requests and preferences, all while covering service levels.

Competence Development

Enabling employees with the right development and coaching is good for the customer, company and the individual employee. Teleopti WFM helps find the time for employee training, driving employee confidence and engagement, as well as securing required service levels. 

Self-Scheduling for Employees

Boost your employees' motivation by giving them more control over their schedule with the newest addition to our self-service tools - Self-Scheduling! 

Teleopti WFM automation gives frontline reps the power to move their lunches and breaks on the day and for up to 7 days in advance, on-the-go via their phone or from their computer, all without having to involve their supervisor or WFM planner. Transform employee productivity and company culture by transitioning from a more rigid, manual working environment to a flexible, digitally optimized workplace.

Automation with a human touch

Advanced automation is a core part of Teleopti WFM software, but with a humanized approach. We automate activities to empower your people. Automation creates a healthy, empowering working experience for the front line, planners and supervisors alike, as well as accelerating business efficiency. 

Maximized mobility

Harnessing the ever-increasing use of smart phones, especially for all online activities, Teleopti offers the MyTime self-service mobile app. Frontline agents easily communicate their requests and absences wherever they are, as well as stay up to date with any schedule changes.

Teleopti WFM also comes as a 100% web-based solution, meaning planners and managers equally have more mobility. Using Teleopti WFM web tools they have the option to move around the office and interact with the rest of the team. Users can manage or plan on the go and react quickly with instant updates.

Expertise & consultancy

Supporting customers’ engagement of their workforce comes not just via the software functionality available in Teleopti WFM but through our consultants’ expertise on making employee satisfaction an actuality. Our WFM experts workshop with customers on the methodologies to help them implement employee engagement functionality and strategies, including ways to get all teams on board with the new software.