Digital Transformation
– Secure Your Data Strategy

Successful digital transformation starts with a clear and secure data strategy. How do you capture what really matters then tailor it to empower staff and inspire customer loyalty? Let Teleopti WFM be your strategic enabler in a data-driven world.

Why Digital And Data Transformation Matters

Digitalization and the introduction of more and more technology into what we do is designed to make life easier by automating important business processes and providing a single line of sight across the organization. Transforming toward digital business comes with a plethora of opportunities to expand the realms of how we work and communicate, but it also comes with its a set of new challenges. Digitalization has created a world flooded with non-stop data that can induce a state of paralysis and hinder business success.

If properly harnessed and utilized, data propels successful digital and business transformation in one go. It’s time to stop the paralysis. Take away the fear and use workforce management software to build an insight-infused data strategy. With its proven ability to manage large data streams, WFM has the power to shape the customer and employee experience, foster continuous improvement and digital innovation, and enhance compliance management.

89% of enterprises have adopted, or have plans to adopt, a "digital-first" business strategy.

IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation 

Bring control and accuracy with data-led automation

The beauty of WFM is that it connects easily to many different data sources across the organization, providing both a unified view of historical and intraday operations.  A real-time data feed of your staffing and service, updated in seconds, streamlines processes, adds agility and enables faster, more proactive decision-making. 

Understanding the past is equally an essential part of control and readiness for change.  Stay ahead of the curve by using past data to actively gain control over future growth and expansion plans.  Teleopti WFM makes this possible by providing easy access to a wealth of historic data from all integrated sources to speedily predict, create and recruit future requirements for headcount and specific skills.  Harness data to right-size your organization during periods of organizational change by determining which areas need to grow or shrink.

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Create digital pathways that ease customer effort

WFM connects with multiple data sources including Chat, email and phone to create a wider understanding of operations and customer needs and keep track of employee behavior. Teleopti WFM helps you gain control of customer interactions by harnessing data across all channels that can then be used to deliver a truly effortless omnichannel experience for your customers. Whether its online, over the phone or even in-person, never leave customers waiting.  

Plenty of our customers achieve this on a daily basis. Find out how Telia is using WFM data to put the customer center at stage.

No need to wonder ‘What if’, use data to find out

Bad weather and major IT systems outages can disrupt day-to-day operations.  Be prepared, be data-driven. Using historical data on staffing and performance, your team can easily test out what might happen in real-life.  Teleopti WFM allows users to conduct ‘what if’ scenarios for all possible eventualities, making WFM a strategic tool and intrinsic part of business continuity planning that adds certainty to budgets.  Encourage your team to experiment with data and make it work for you and your overall business. 

Infuse operations with AI

Our AI initiative is designed to infuse WFM capabilities with AI techniques to process data even more intelligently, power CX and enhance employee engagement.  Our cloud-first approach means we can develop AI features quickly and release them to you immediately, helping you to create value for your customers and meaningful work for your people.

Take a closer look at our new WFM Chatbot, Grant.  Based on natural language processing and machine learning, the more he is used, the better he gets. Grant monitors and processes intraday staffing data, communicates schedule options with employees via chat, and then automates requests and approvals on their behalf - he's the concierge your team need to focus on the big picture for their work.

Mitigate risk, ensure compliance

Teleopti WFM enables you to mitigate risk with access to real-time and historic data streams. Always be one step ahead and avoid heavy financial penalties that diminish business success: dynamically track your organization’s compliance against important workplace legislation and industry regulations and keep to standards, such as GDPR, for employee data handling. 

We take security as seriously as you do.  Our own commitment to cloud-based infrastructures and our long-standing relationship with datacenter partner Microsoft Azure combine to guarantee you the highest levels of data security.   

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Data analytics and intelligent insights

Harnessing cloud-based Microsoft Power BI, Teleopti offers interactive, flexible WFM reporting that helps organizations discover the power of their data.  Insights provides business leaders with a great opportunity to stream their data through WFM software and then turn that data into actionable intelligence.  Tap into your WFM data to share insights pertaining to scheduling and forecasting accuracy, employee engagement, and customer service performance.  Maximize this valuable intelligence to make informed, proactive decisions and drive business success.