Rocket Fuel the Customer Experience

Powering the customer experience (CX) means turning traditional thinking on its head. Successful organizations provide customers with an effortless, engaging experience. They intuitively know how to turn customer journeys into business journeys using WFM as a targeted cog in strategies to deliver fantastic customer meetings.

It's the journey that matters

Building an organization that is fueled by CX makes for sustainable business success. Having loyal customers who offer guaranteed revenue streams and additional opportunities to cross-and-upsell drives profitability and creates an effective structure for future growth and expansion plans.  

The simple logic is if the customer experience is good, increased revenues will naturally follow and the latest research from Teleopti’s partner, Dimension Data, certainly reflects this sentiment:

"From boardrooms to meeting rooms, there’s an overwhelming recognition of the importance of CX – particularly when it comes to building customer loyalty, which 87.2% of organizations agree can be directly linked to commercial success.  CX is still the number one measure of strategic performance. "

Far too many organizations, however, view customer care as a drain on resources and risk alienating loyal customers during the constant drive to save time and money.  To be successful, you need to move away from purely reactive cost-saving to proactive profit-making.  Doing this, you’ll reap the rewards of a positive corporate reputation and enhanced customer advocacy. But where do you start? 

Be there for your customers when they need you

Use our cloud-based solution to create a virtual library of talent, knowledge and qualifications to deploy the right-skilled staff to the right place at the right time.  Features such as Real-Time Adherence flag up when schedules are in danger of being breached while intraday management tools allow you to monitor staffing and reschedule teams throughout the day to accommodate last-minute staff absences or sudden fluctuations in customer demand. You can even schedule team meetings and training during quiet times leaving staff to focus 100% on your customers during busy times. 

To take the next step in supercharged intraday flexibility it's time for you to meet Teleopti's AI-driven chatbot, Grant. Your planning team can focus on the big picture while Grant assists employee self-service and makes sure your customer service is safely staffed.

Rely on WFM to power CX in your organization, read our white paper.

Engaging experiences for customers

Your people are your brand and first impressions count.  Maximize the versatility of our WFM platform to engage staff and release their full potential with efficient, transparent schedules and meaningful training programs.    At the same time, Teleopti WFM empowers staff with mobile apps to self-serve their schedules and achieve a healthy work-life balance. Balanced workloads also minimize stress and relieve boredom to keep staff motivated while the transparency of schedules promotes fairness and builds trust. Combining self-service with motivation tools such as Gamification vastly improves productivity & CX.   

Discover your path to engaged employees and customers 

Put intelligence at the front end of employee self-service

With 100% focus on Workforce Management, we are one of the first companies to introduce AI into core WFM practices. Why not consider chatbots, a game changer for internal communication and employee morale?  

Grant, our new Chatbot, monitors intraday staffing data alongside employees’ unique skillsets and schedules, and then spreads information to employees so they know, via chat, when they can have time off or overtime.  Leveraging machine-learning, your company can fine-tune intraday staffing to match incoming customer demand without endless human monitoring, at the same time as empowering employees. 

Boost customer understanding with data analytics

Combine WFM with business intelligence to drive consistent, outstanding customer experiences every time.  Harnessing cloud-based Microsoft Power BI, Teleopti WFM offers interactive reporting that can be utilized to fully understand customers, their needs and make meaningful improvements to service. 

With Teleopti WFM Insights, create detailed reports in an instant using simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality, filtering, and the ability to layer-in multiple variables. Through adjustable, personalized dashboards and interactive visualizations, quickly identify trends to boost dynamic decision-making and better serve customers.  

Introduce collaborative customer care

WFM connects with CRM systems and data sources such as Chat, email and voice and brings them together to enable meaningful, personalized customer conversations.  Our cloud-based WFM solutions promote consistent planning processes that ensure the right-skilled people are available to deliver exceptional omnichannel customer journeys that translate into increased levels of satisfaction and loyalty.  

Aim to build a tightly integrated technology eco-system that unifies different systems to support collaborative customer care.  That way, frontline employees can quickly locate subject matter experts across the business to drive effective, satisfying customer interactions.  

We don't utilize Teleopti WFM as just a Workforce Management platform, we utilize it to really envision our customer strategy for years and to be able to use the tool to model those strategies... We find that this tool allows us to have a really quick turnaround from when we come up with a customer strategy all the way to when we're able to implement it, because it is so powerful.

Angelo Arezzi, Director, Operations Support at