WFO - Worforce Optimization

According to Gartner, “a Workforce Optimization solution integrates disparate contact center technologies — including contact center performance management (CCPM), eLearning, interaction analytics, quality management (QM) and WFM (Workforce Management) — that execute against a high-level framework encompassing strategic contact center planning, agent recruitment, deployment, monitoring, evaluation, improvement and motivation, and corporate accountability and contribution”. In simple terms Workforce Optimization is the bridging of contact center technologies that all aim at improving parts of an organization´s operations, into a more integrated solution that aims at total operational excellence.
Teleopti WFM lies at the core of WFO. Our all-encompassing solution provides out-of-the-box capability for seamless integrations with QM and eLearning solutions. Teleopti WFM comes with a rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate further development of Workforce Optimization solutions, which can provide:

  • Agent synchronization: single point of entry of agent information, and synchronization of changes to agent data – to reduce administration time and improve accuracy
  • Integrated performance reporting: import and display QM evaluation scores and other KPIs right into employee scorecards, for example, for an overall performance view
  • Scheduling of eLearning: automatic interface for exporting schedules and importing back training sessions for individuals and groups, leading to reduced manual work and increased efficiency
  • Smarter analytics: record and analyze the “right” interactions in QM solutions, based on call peaks or schedule information exported from Teleopti. This can lead to much more effective quality monitoring practices.

At Teleopti, we don’t believe there is one-fits-all solution for WFO. Our vision is one of freedom, flexibility, open standards and interoperability where best-of-breed solutions from different vendors can excel at their specific areas of expertise while seamlessly integrating the key functions that make business sense to manage centrally. Our integrations and joint roadmaps with companies such as Avaya, ZOOM, ASC, Huawei, VoiceCyber, OpenText and TelStrat give customers the choice to pick their best-of-breed solution and have them seamlessly integrated.

Teleopti will continue to excel and build on our open architecture and flexibility; this has been one of the major reasons for our success. This includes integrations to vendors outside the traditional WFO-sphere (such as HR systems, CRM systems and solutions for non-call center operations, such as back-office handling and retail outlets). Our roadmap includes further research and development within open APIs to streamline common processes across solutions and open for new powerful workflows, as well as business partnerships and integrations with other providers within the WFO sphere.