Contact Center Workforce Management

The concept of Workforce Management was born in the Contact Center and has evolved into a mission-critical solution for organizations that want to stay on the leading edge of customer service, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and profitability.

What started out by predicting incoming call volumes on single queues and creating rudimentary shift plans has evolved into a sophisticated multi-dimensional mechanism for managing many contact channels, media and skills, virtual contact centers and agents.  WFM now also serves as the hub for the organization´s larger “Workforce Optimization” strategy.

The leading principles here at Teleopti include a focus on continuous improvement, and developing solutions that meet our clients´ dynamic and evolving needs.  We best adhere to these goals by working hand-in-hand with many of the leading contact centers in the world to develop solutions that can handle the complexities of modern contact centers, including staff forecastingscheduling and optimization, agent involvement and administration, intraday management, reporting and performance management.

Teleopti WFM leads the way today in WFM contact center solutions in terms of ease of use, lifestyle scheduling, flexibility/personalization and support for open standards. Developed at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, our latest release includes more than 100 improvements over the previous release, making it a truly groundbreaking WFM solution.

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