WFM Core Functionality

Teleopti WFM is a top workforce management solution that encompasses all of the features and functionality needed to plan for and optimize the performance of your contact center, back office, branches and retail stores.

This comprehensive and feature-rich offering includes all the tools you need to manage your staff, accurately forecast demand, and automatically schedule, report and improve your operation! Teleopti WFM offers an extensive set of capabilities right out of the box, which provides an outstanding opportunity to get started right away at improving performance, reducing cost and increasing profitability.

The flowchart above describes the main building blocks of Teleopti WFM. On the left are the foundations: configuration of work rules, configuration of policies and management of agent information. In the middle is the heart of the solution: core operative forecasting and scheduling functionality. On the right are the different outputs and communication with important stakeholders: agents, team leaders and management.

Teleopti WFM comes with a rich set of features to enable automation, optimization and communication in any contact center. Below are some examples of features available. Please contact us for a demonstration to learn more about how we can support you to optimize and manage your workforce.

Customizable Configuration:
Support your complex and dynamic business

Manage your individual employment types, skills, contracts, work rules and policies and keep track of how they change over time. Teleopti supports any configuration, allowing you to select the approach that works best in your contact center environment. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to modify the configuration as your business requires.

Features include:

  • Chronological employee information
  • Easily create thousands of work shifts including any activity and review compliance to your policies before scheduling
  • What if scenario analysis for both forecasting and scheduling
  • Automatic collection of data through robust integrations
  • Extensive integration capabilities to 3rd party products with single sign-on and a web-service SDK
  • Manage agents across multiple time zones and sites
  • Available in any language, date and time format

Accurate Forecasting:
Know what to expect and avoid surprises

Multi-skill, multi-site and multichannel forecasting tools for the long and short term, including trend and seasonal analysis functionality. The addition of easy-to-use wizards makes forecasting simple and user friendly. Download your free copy and try Teleopti WFM Forecasts here.

Features include:

  • Step-by-step forecasting wizard
  • User-configurable charts for full control over end result
  • Long-term forecasting with seasonality and trend calculations
  • Intraday forecasting
  • Budgeting tools 

Optimized Scheduling:
Cut costs by using resources to their full potential

Powerful tools for scheduling optimization that bring together business needs, agent preferences and scheduling rules to produce the best schedules possible for your organization.

Features include:

  • Easy to use: from full automation to simple cut-and-paste editing
  • Automatic schedule optimization for any time period: calendar months, weeks, days
  • Multi-skill, multichannel and multi-site scheduling
  • Mix and match of scheduling periods, systems and rules for full control over end result
  • Schedule Optimization for all types of activities, including back office, branches and retail stores 
  • Block, rotating, team-based, manual or individually optimized scheduling
  • Advanced methods wrapped in a user-friendly interface
  • User-configurable charts for quick analysis of results

Reporting and Business Intelligence:
Analyze performance in order to improve your business

Extensive reporting package, including schedule adherence with drill-down capabilities, graphs and exportation to Excel. Advanced reporting capabilities include rapid access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and agent scorecards for various KPIs, such as absenteeism, adherence, productivity and others.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use reports combining charts with detailed numbers
  • Build your own reports by simple drag and drop
  • Slice and dice and drill down into the data
  • Agent self-assessment reports, including adherence
  • Team leader reports, including adherence
  • Management dashboards
  • Access important KPIs from a smartphone

Intraday Management:
Put invaluable real-time data at your team leaders’ fingertips

Up-to-date intraday reporting and drag-and-drop, real-time schedule editing, in a single user interface. Real Time Adherence arms supervisors with vital information at their fingertips just when they need it the most. It closely monitors agent adherence to schedules in real time, and employs alarms when non-compliance occurs. Since this capability is integrated right into the Intraday module, authorized users can effortlessly adjust schedules with drag-and-drop capability, based on real-time agent status – all through a single interface.

Features include:

  • Customizable early warning charts to monitor KPIs
  • Real Time Adherence with fully customizable alarms
  • Identify a problem and correct it in a single interface
  • Access intraday KPIs from a smartphone

Employee Empowerment and Communication:
Lifestyle scheduling for work-life balance

Agent portal for schedule distribution, which includes industry-leading agent empowerment tools for work-time preferences, gamification and agent self-assessment KPIs (many of these features are industry-firsts and only available from Teleopti).

Features include:

  • View schedules on any device 
  • Request changes to schedules                
  • Messenger interface for real-time communication  between team leaders and agents
  • Automatic approval/denial of time-off requests based on customizable rules
  • Shift trading, managed automatically by the system in real time
  • Self-assessment reports
  • Individual agent work-time preferences with a fairness and rating system
  • Engage and reward best performing agents through gamification 

Real time notifications:
Ensure management staying abreast of site, team and agent adherence

Essential real-time tools that ensure management staying abreast of site, team and agent adherence. Agents stay informed of activity or schedule changes via Teleopti messages, calendars or SMS texts, or with the tools available right on their PC desktops, viewable continually throughout the workday.

Features include:

  • Follow agent performance where ever you are on any device. Lack of schedule adherence is clearly indicated via alarms
  • Enabling access to schedules from preferred device and calendar service
  •  Schedule changes such as significant changes in start/end times, workdays or switchings in days off are automatically sent as a text message to agent cell phones
  • Schedules displayed at the top of PC screens, keeping agents in touch continually throughout the day
  • Any schedule change is instantly updated with a notification to the agent. Real-time alerts of activity changes to improve adherence to schedule
  • Real-time alerts of activity changes to improve adherence to schedule

Employee Competence Development:
Optimise employee performance and transform business outcomes

Divine tools for correlation business performance with employee skills, knowledge and other factors to identify which drive the best business outcomes. Once discovered you can easily optimize the planning and scheduling of training and coaching to enable skilled and knowledgeable agents quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Features include:

  • Role ‘blueprint’ function against which employees can be assessed and developed
  • Plan and schedule individually customized training plans
  • Reduced unauthorized absence, attrition, recruitment & training costs
  • Automatic scheduling of training events and format (classroom, e-Learning, etc) in
    Teleopti WFM
The features above are just some examples; please contact us for a demonstration and a dialogue on how we can help you optimize your unique contact center, back office, branches or retail stores.