Teleopti WFM Forecasts - Including Budgets!

Our popular freeware for staff forecasting is the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly solution on the market.

Get the same forecasting algorithms we use in our full WFM solution, at no commitment and no cost.

Why do you need Teleopti WFM Forecast?

More accurate forecast of staffing needs

Using validated historical data and sophisticated algorithms, Teleopti WFM Forecasts provides accurate and reliable forecasts of future contact volumes and staffing requirements, according to your pre-defined service levels. 

Forecasting contact centre activity on your terms

Whether you need to foretell what staffing level is needed over the next few hours or next 12 months, Teleopti WFM Forecasts provides you with well-informed and actionable information. It offers both short and long-term multi-skill forecasting of contact volumes and staffing requirements.

Easy to use 

Teleopti has done the hard work for you.  Whether you have previous forecasting experience or not doesn't matter.  With our pre-defined and very intuitive step-by-step workflow, you can begin accurately forecasting.  

Take control of your staffing budget

Create long-term staffing budgets based on actual forecasted need as well as available agent resources. Automatically consider all necessary variances such as attrition, shrinkage, efficiency, exceptions, and more. Balance these variables with new hires, contractors, overtime, etc. With Teleopti WFM Forecasts, it has never been easier to bring staffing budgets into balance!

No strings attached

Teleopti WFM Forecasts is provided free of charge -  no credit card, no cost, no obligations!