Third Party Applications

Teleopti´s core focus is providing the most user-friendly, powerful and flexible workforce management solution in the industry. One of the many ways we make this possible is through our work with strategic developer partners that provide additional functionality to our customers. 

This is accomplished through seamless integrations with our product based on industry standards.  Teleopti WFM includes a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) with every installation (a platform for custom development and integration based on Web Services). This kit allows other applications to interact with the rich functionality of Teleopti WFM, while maintaining a high level of stability, robustness and customer value.

We work closely with several SDK partners and system integrators to develop a portfolio of feature-rich add-ons. The SDK is also a key enabler for our out-of-the-box WFO-integrations

If you would like to get more information about third party applications and SDK, please fill out the Request for Information Form. 

SHP - Intraday Manager
Individual break wishes – within an optimal planning

SHP - Holiday Manager
Handling of the whole holiday process considering needs and availability and/or best distribution of holiday entitlement of the agents

SHP - Time Accounting
Account Calculation (Overtime Saldo) with flexible rule settings. Basis for pay roll 


Download the Product Leaflets below:

pdfSHP - Add-on tools for Teleopti WFMEnglish2 MB
pdfSHP - Teleopti WFM ZeitabrechnungGerman249 kB
pdfSHP - Teleopti WFM UrlaubsmanagerGerman248 kB
pdfSHP - Teleopti WFM PausentoolGerman191 kB