Teleopti WFM Standard Reports

Teleopti provides a full suite of standard reports covering the most common needs of contact center or back office reporting. All reports are fully web-based, feature built-in drilldown functionality and can be easily exported to Excel and PDF.

With over 25 standard reports, there is something for all levels of users.  Reports cover the following areas:

  • Planning performance, including forecast and schedule accuracy, schedule analysis, fairness and more.
  • Agent performance, including contact volumes, handling times, schedule adherence, absenteeism; and occupancy per agent, team, site, etc.
  • Self-assessment reports for agents
  • Customer service levels, speed of answer and abandonment rate
  • Intraday management reports, with forecasted, scheduled and actual values in real time.
  • Offer agents insight into their performance through individual agent scorecards, which are viewable in the agent portal MyTime


  • Track and improve performance on all levels, from agents and team leaders to resource planners
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction, and set the correct service level targets
  • Improve staff satisfaction through transparency of performance and fairness

Advanced Reporting with Performance Manager

When you experience constant change within your organization, you need business intelligence you can count on and quickly adapt to in order to keep your contact center ahead of the curve. Standard reports are valuable but will only get you so far. In complex environments you need the ability to create your own customized reports to extract the specific business intelligence you need, which is contained within the vast amounts of data being collected by your contact center platform.

With the powerful and easy-to-use Teleopti WFM Performance Manager, even non-technical users can create valuable, customized reports, pivot charts and tables with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
Our scorecards and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards give you the tools and insights you need to make better business decisions, based on sound data.


  • Put Business Intelligence into the hands of your business users, allowing them to easily create and share fully customized reports
  • Monitor and quickly react to KPIs through constantly-accessible dashboards
  • Easily integrate your WFM data with that of other vital systems in your organization (e.g. Business Intelligence or CRM)