Payroll Export

Teleopti WFM can integrate with a 3rd party Payroll system, ensuring that staff is paid correctly and on time, and it can also eliminate manual administration and errors.

This integration between the two systems will support the entire payroll process and reflect any specific requirements of the payroll system. For example, it will take into account special customer requirements about absences, overtime, special rules etc.; and the WFM data is automatically transferred to the payroll system in a timely and accurate manner.


  • Drastically improves the time consuming administration of the payroll process
  • Virtually eliminates payroll errors that might occur with manual data integration
  • Helps ensure staff is paid correctly and on time.
Payroll ExportRemove mistakes to save time and money! Teleopti Payroll Integration is an export of data generated from employee work schedules in Teleopti WFM, which can be imported directly into a payroll systemDownload product leaflet!