Intraday Management

Intraday management is all about staying in control of the day, and being ready to handle the unexpected. Teleopti´s Intraday, Teams and RTA modules include all the tools needed to proactively monitor and respond in real time, all from within the same user friendly interface.

Together these modules offer the best way to stay ahead of what is happening, in real time.

Real Time Adherence

Agent status can be monitored – in real time. Any lack of schedule adherence is clearly indicated via alarms so that managers are always updated and aware. The information, visible in the RTA module alongside schedules and incoming demand data, makes tracking agent adherence and adjusting schedules effortless, with drag-and-drop ease maintaining service-level targets throughout the day. 


Improves the speed at which team leaders and managers can access agent information and implement changes. With Teams, the full operations team, including team leaders, resource planners and intraday managers, can adjust quickly to any changes in situation that come up throughout the day as well as be responsive to their agents needs and attendance. The powerful search functionality of Teams equally means that agent can now be grouped by more than just their team but also by more-detailed specifications, including name, skill and/or location, across the company.

Early Warning

Follow up on actual contact volumes, handling times, logged-in agents, speed of answer and service levels, and compare with forecasted and scheduled values. The graphical interface makes it easy to spot intraday developing trends that may require re-forecasting or a last minute optimization.