Teleopti WFM Integrations

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Powerful and robust integrations to other solutions are essential for accurate, insightful and timely statistics around forecasting, scheduling, real time monitoring and performance management. Teleopti provides a selection of certified connectors to ensure you realize these benefits and can get the most out of your workforce management solution.

Data Connectors

Collect historical and real time data from one or more ACD/CTI, email server, task routing server (for back-office work), retail queuing solutions, etc. The garnered data is used for forecasting future workload and for real time adherence, reporting and performance management. Teleopti offers officially certified connectors to all major CTI providers (including those by Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Aastra, Huawei, Telia, SAP and others).  This is in addition to connectors for complimentary solutions from many 3rd-party providers.

People Connectors

Collect and synchronize user information, such as name, employment number, team etc., from Active Directory, HR or similar solutions. This avoids double entry of data and minimizes possible sources of errors in people management.