Employee Competence Development

Surely, you can point out your top performers; that’s easily done. But can you accurately identify which skills and what knowledge deliver transformational results; which training courses are linked to high performance; which training investments have positive, negative or no impact on employee or business performance; who really needs training and in what?

With Teleopti WFM’s divine tools for correlating business performance with employee skills, knowledge and other factors, you can now easily identify which drive the best business outcomes.

Once discovered, you can easily optimize the planning and scheduling of training and coaching to enable skilled and knowledgeable agents quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Teleopti WFM Employee Development Suite consists of two modules; Competence Manager and Training Planner. The new modules can be deployed on their own or together. This unique, powerful, “double act” solution for employee-performance optimization delivers true strategic value and unprecedented transformational value - with ROI consistently achieved within six months.

Competence Manager

Competence Manager shows you what “best” performance looks like by pinpointing the key skills of top performers - what they’re doing differently or better - and how to achieve this. The solution also identifies gaps in employee skills/knowledge and flags the best course of action by replicating desirable profiles.


  • Heightened customer experience with positive impacts on satisfaction levels, a clearer perception of your organization, brand fidelity and recommendations.
  • Enhanced agent performance and development, driven by greater motivation and confidence.
  • Consistent level of employee knowledge and capability across the organization.
  • Improved key operational metrics: e.g. first-contact resolution, average handling time (AHT) and productivity. 

Training Planner

Training Planner gives you a clear window of understanding the impact that planned training will have on your service levels and agent schedules. Once the impact is deemed satisfactory, your training plan can be put into force on the published workforce schedule in the WFM solution - without the need to re-generate scheduling - with go-ahead, according to plan.

Plan, schedule and manage training with advanced automated functionality - regardless of the size of your workforce. Service-level targets, agents, trainers and training room availability are all factored in to deliver optimal training schedules. Quickly and easily select individuals and groups, training content, delivery details, trainers and dates.


  • Boost operational efficiency with automated planning/scheduling/management of training.
  • Minimize adverse impacts on customer service levels, with customized constraints and rapid “what if’ modeling for optimized outcomes.
  • Save time, reduce human error and lower the administrative burden for trainers, managers and  the WFM team.