Process Management

Optimized business processes within your contact center can mean the difference between customers converted and customers lost.  Your operational processes were designed to ensure the smoothest, most efficient and effective customer service possible. Right? But how can you be sure you have properly engineered processes?

The Teleopti Consulting Team can help. They have the expertise and experience necessary to work with you to identify and design processes and practices that can benefit from improvement. Once these process enhancements have been made, your contact center will enjoy increased efficiency, productivity and customer service capabilities.  In the end, your agents will provide better service and you will have more loyal customers.

Increasing staff buy-in

Business process enhancements can result in significant operational improvement, but this is only true when you have the buy-in from your agents, supervisors and management.  If these stakeholders do not openly embrace these changes, then their positive impact will be minimal at best.
Teleopti’s Business Process Management services can help you foster a culture of staff involvement and acceptance of any new process changes. This buy-in will in turn increase the effectiveness of your improvements.

Roles and responsibilities in the workforce management process

Teleopti can help you gain a clearer picture of the important tasks and responsibilities that must be considered in order to ensure an effective resource planning process. Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to construct the roles, responsibilities and business processes you need to be most successful.

Business value

What follows is a listing of primary areas of improvement that you can expect as a result of our Process Management Services:


  • Improved service levels
  • Fewer process breakdowns, and improved resolution time when the breakdowns do occur
  • Increased agent satisfaction due to more coaching time and consistent workload. 


  • Increased productivity based on a better balance of handle customer time versus paid time
  • Lower resource need due to optimized scheduling and adherence
  • Lower attrition and/or sick leave caused by stress an little motivation

Teleopti senior business consultants 

Teleopti’s senior business consultants have extensive experience in Customer Care, Sales, Marketing and HR. Their expertise lies in Change Management, improving organization and processes, management coaching and recruitment for contact centers worldwide.

Their strong operational background and deep working experience in driving improvement projects make them extremely valuable in a wide range of areas.

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