Performance Management

The Teleopti Consulting Team has the insight and expertise necessary to help you drive continuous business improvements, while also maximizing your return of investment in Teleopti WFM.

Our senior consultants have experienced the very same contact center challenges you now face and have already helped countless organizations of all sizes (and spanning many industries and countries) enhance performance, and they can do the same for you. 

Workforce Management is an ongoing process that can continue to drive value in your contact center when key impact areas are properly identified and addressed.  Our consultants will help you make these discoveries and enhance performance to critical aspects.

Improve performance

Teleopti can help you identify critical areas that are negatively impacting performance in your customer service operation. Based on an in-depth analysis of your environment – that we conduct – we will design a Performance Optimization Action Plan for your organization.  This plan will identify each area of concern and also specify the steps you can take to address it. The plan is designed to arm you with the insight you need to enhance performance in the shortest period of time possible. At the same time, our team will help you maximize the impact and value of your Teleopti WFM investment.

Analytics and Reporting Management

Teleopti WFM Performance Manager helps you structure your Workforce Management (WFM) reporting and KPIs to successfully provide all relevant stakeholders in the organization with the WFM-related intelligence they need to enhance performance in their specific area of the customer service operation.

Business value

What follows is a listing of primary areas of improvement that you can expect as a result of our Performance Management Services:


  • Improved service levels
  • Fewer process breakdowns, and improved resolution time when the breakdowns do occur
  • Increased agent satisfaction due to more coaching time and consistent workload. 


  • Increased productivity based on a better balance of handle customer time versus paid time
  • Lower resource need due to optimized scheduling and adherence
  • Lower attrition and/or sick leave caused by stress an little motivation

Teleopti Senior Business Consultants 

Teleopti’s senior business consultants have extensive experience in Customer Care, Sales, Marketing and HR. Their expertise lies in Change Management, improving organization and processes, management coaching and recruitment for contact centers worldwide.

Their strong operational background and deep working experience in driving improvement projects make them extremely valuable in a wide range of areas.

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