The general truth is that a key to a successful deployment is the experience and know how of the people involved. This is even more true when deploying a workforce management system.

Success does not only rely on software integration and configuration skills but also on a solid understanding of the customer environment and of the multiple ways of addressing and solving a requirement. We have deployed systems in 60 countries over 20 years. We pride ourselves to be able to draw from a rich base of experience to both be able to provide solutions to requirements but also by proposing new ideas based on best practice on how the call centre challenges can be met.

The first piece to fit together is the technical integration between our solution and the PBX/ACD. We can comfortably say that we have over the years successfully integrated our solution to a multitude of solutions among them Genesys, Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and Altitude. 

The picture is not complete until we have taken next step which is also the biggest part of the project, the configuration of our solution to the needs of our customers and the training workshops. It is a great benefit to our customers that we have implemented solutions to a great variety of organizations in multiple countries. It may have not given us all the answers but a lot of possible ways of addressing a challenge. We can draw on this experience to ensure that the implementation is built on best practice experience across the globe.