Role Based

Resource Planner - Advanced

Type of training

Classroom training or on-site


Basic knowledge of Teleopti WFM


2 days


  • To gain knowledge of the Teleopti WFM software.
  • To be able to create new skills, prepare and create forecasts in Teleopti WFM.
  • To know the procedure for automatic scheduling and schedule optimization.


  • Settings/Options - A detailed "go-through" of all important settings for the organization's hierarchy, how to work with different employment types, advanced  contract settings, scheduling settings, restrictions and system settings.
  • People - Go through all the "extra" functionality. Set up of restrictions, use time bank and learn to sort groups, find people and set up groupings.
  • Forecast - Work with scenarios and a detailed "go-through" of all forecasting steps for the telephony forecast method, terms and settings.
  • Shifts - Define shift category, rule sets and shift bags
  • Schedule - Preparation and the different processes during scheduling
  • Fairness among agents - Discussion and what settings you can rely on
  • Working with Preferences - Setting up the system for using preferences
  • Working with Hourly employees - Functionality and settings


Training is held by a trainer/consultant from Teleopti AB

Training may be held in Swedish or English. Please ask us when you register.


Please note that the training is scheduled based on Central Europe Time (CET)


Price on application

Current dates

24 - 25 Oct, Stockholm, Classroom

28 - 29 Nov, Stockholm, Classroom

16 - 17 Jan 2019, Stockholm, Classroom

20 - 21 Feb 2019, Stockholm, Classroom

20 - 21 Mar 2019, Stockholm, Classroom

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