Resource Planners

Forecast and schedule with the most flexible and user-friendly WFM solution on the market. Teleopti WFM provides powerful automated tools for a perfectly staffed customer-service organization


Know what’s coming and be prepared to deal with it - no matter what. With Teleopti WFM’s easy-to-use forecasting wizard, new and experienced users alike can create accurate forecasts that take seasonal variations, market trends, campaign periods and other long-term factors automatically into consideration. Our unique scheduling and optimization algorithms automatically ensure that the most optimal shifts are distributed to agents while keeping the right balance between preference fulfillment, business need and fairness.


Communicate schedules and last-minute changes, stay on top of the day as it evolves, spot and act upon any unexpected situations; these are all part of effective intraday management. Teleopti WFM provides a wealth of tools for real-time communication, adherence monitoring and intraday-activity optimization so you can confidently manage any and all situations.


Powerful reporting and analysis tools - from dashboards to complex multidimensional charts and tables - give you all the business intelligence you need. More accurate forecasting, more optimized scheduling, greater schedule adherence or any of the many KPIs you need for tracking, Teleopti WFM provides everything you need to drive continuous improvement.