Customer Service Managers

As a customer-service manager, you are responsible for the overall performance and sustainability of the contact center or back-office operations. You need to make sure you meet the requirements and expectations of your customers for qualitative and timely service in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Hiring, training and maintaining the right staff, having optimal processes for planning, executing and evaluating all the work that is carried out, striving for constant improvements; these are the keys to success.

Deliver excellent customer service

Knowing your customers and what they expect is key to delivering customer-service excellence. Teleopti’s advanced analytical tools - whether mobile dashboards, strategic reports or intraday KPI monitors - let you stay in complete control of your contact center or back-office performance and the service levels it provides customers.

Get the most out of your resources

Running an efficient and profitable operation is absolutely essential in today’s economy, and this is also true for the contact center which are increasingly considered as profit centers. Teleopti WFM’s unique optimization engine makes sure you always have the right staff in the right place at the right time - no more and no less. Hitting your customer service targets with the minimum number of FTE is guaranteed with Teleopti WFM.