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Scheduling an efficient, engaged workforce to meet customer needs can present many challenges for a workforce planner, but it is necessary to ask and understand such questions to find the right answers:  

  • How to ensure scheduling flexibility while maintaining efficiency and accuracy?
  • How can your planning team be more proactive than reactive? 
  • How to hit and exceed KPIs and meet company and customer expectations?
  • How to create an environment where your front line feels engaged and treated fairly rather than seeing you as the bad guy?

So what are the answers to your planning challenges?

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automated efficiency

  • Automate and optimize all your multichannel, multi-skill forecasting and scheduling with Teleopti WFM. Forecasts and schedules are precise and data-driven but can be adjusted easily if changes arise. No need to go back to the beginning. Beyond core scheduling and forecasting, you can automate many tasks, from frontline request processes to real-time reactions.
  • Make your next recruit Grant. Teleopti’s AI-driven chatbot is here to take your intraday automation & employee self-service to the next level. He handles all parts of schedules request: monitoring intraday staffing, sending unique schedule options to employees via chat, and submitting these requests for them if they accept.
  • Set up and control decision guidelines and required service levels for all your automation so accuracy and customer experience are never in jeopardy.

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Success story: Shopify

Read how Shopify’s workforce management team improved the efficiency of their planning and rapidly grew and diversified customer service operations with the added automation of Teleopti WFM.

Drive better results with your front line by your side

  • Create easy, automated employee schedule request processes. Your front line can quickly get the answers they need, maintain a healthy work-life balance and feel connected to the planning process.
  • Communicate the plan and any changes clearly via Teleopti's employee self-service mobile app, as well as through SMS and email. Employees can link their schedule with their personal calendars such as Google calendar or iCal.
  • Introduce KPI dashboards that are visible to your front line, so they can see the value they deliver and align their efforts with set service levels and other KPIs.

Understand and take action with confidence

  • Test multiple “what if” scheduling scenarios without affecting the actual plan so you can create the most accurate, optimized schedule.
  • Look back to understand what works best. Dive into overviews of past performance with Teleopti’s cloud BI capabilities. Insight’s advanced reporting opens up your WFM data with multi-filter graphs and personalized dashboards. 
  • See deviations from the desired plan, analyze the cause and close the gap with clear and accurate tools, and work seamlessly with BPOs.
  • Enhance the visibility of your ongoing operations with Intraday Monitoring so you can feel calm and in control, as well as say yes more than no to frontline agent requests.

Keep your planning in one advanced yet user-friendly tool

  • Work with a unified core WFM suite that offers a broad range of tools with specialized functionality for different tasks and needs. Whether budgeting for staff sickness, monitoring intraday activity or optimizing schedules based on agent preferences, this suite of modules can be built up and tailored to meet your planning needs.
  • Teleopti WFM is an intuitive solution where the focus has been on developing an easy-to-use interface, that is simple to grasp but dynamic to work with.

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It’s certainly made my life easier.

Konrad Pasikowski, Scheduling Analyst, OTIP

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