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Find the Joy and Freedom in Your Customer Interactions 

Now we can’t say exactly how you feel but we know there are many challenges and wishes that come up when working as a customer service representative for your company:

  • How to achieve a flexible, healthy work-life balance?
  • How to feel satisfied with your work and progress?
  • How can you feel more recognized for the work you do and results you achieve?
  • How to maintain energy in difficult interactions?

So what are the answer to your planning challenges?

Organize your work and life, find the balance

  • Be in control of your working schedule: input your shift preferences, move lunches, trade shifts and request vacation and overtime in Teleopti’s MyTime self-service app. Teleopti WFM has the ability to schedule around flexible contracts as well as optimize the schedule to preferences, changes and requests.
  • Make requests as well as stay informed of any schedule changes or updates from your team via Teleopti’s user-friendly MyTime mobile app – available anywhere, anytime.
    Now available for MyTime, Grant is the chatbot colleague who notifies you via chat of time off options available to you, and soon overtime possibilities. Our AI assistant then automates requests for you wish to accept the schedule change.

MyTime Self-Service App in Action

Agents at discuss how they've used MyTime to make schedule requests from home, keep up with approvals and check their upcoming shifts.

Take ownership of the work you do

  • Receive rewards for your work with Teleopti’s Gamification feature. Gain the recognition you deserve as you earn badges and stars for your performance and climb the team leaderboard. 
  • Understand the value you offer your team, feel ownership of great results and learn from past performance with your individual dashboard in the employee self-service portal.
  • Develop your skills and competency with Teleopti’s training planning and management tools. Managers can easily schedule training sessions and one-to-ones as well as nurture your areas of competency to help you progress in your career.

    Teleopti is committed to improving how you feel at work – read more about how

Meet customers at the right time in the right way

  • Gain a balanced work day. Optimized planning offers you a better working experience with your schedule aligned with customer patterns. You no longer have the sharp swings between times of nothing to do and then being understaffed and super stressed.  
  • Improve how quickly you can respond to customers with Teleopti WFM’s accurate forecasts and efficient planning. Why frustrate customers by taking ages to answer? Automated planning helps you answer incoming inquiries faster, and fast answers equals less customer frustration or stress for you.
  • Our software assists planning you and your team’s schedule across a multichannel communication offering meaning customers are met where they need to be met, as well as when. Whether its phone, social media, email, chat, in-person - customers choose the channel, Teleopti ensures you’re there for them.

Let's humanize your workplace!

Tune into this short demo on how Teleopti WFM helps you to feel empowered and gain a better work-life balance