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Managing Contact Center Success with Customer & Employee Loyalty

At Teleopti we make it our mission to understand all aspects that go into being a contact center manager and planning successful customer service operations. This starts by exploring the challenges that can come your way:

  • How can you support your strategies to increase customer loyalty and stimulate incremental revenue?
  • How to fulfill customer satisfaction strategies while keeping your team productive and loyal?
  • How can you make sure your contact center seizes the advantages offered by innovation to gain a competitive advantage?

But how to achieve this contact center excellence?

Create an efficient contact center that fulfills customer strategy goals and employee needs

  • Be flexible to your employees and customers. Automate and optimize your center's forecasting and scheduling process to efficiently meet customers across all channels while simultaneously accommodating flexible work patterns and employee preferences. Both parties are likely to remain loyal if they feel prioritized. 
  • Give employees access to dynamic self-service options when it comes to their schedule and working life. Use the mobile MyTime employee self-service app to establish a work-life balance that satisfies employees while aligning them with the planning process, ensuring increasing demands are hit and customers are happy. And have you met Grant, a chatbot addition to MyTime? He is the scheduling concierge you need to recruit for fast-tracking employee flexibility.
  • Empower employees with their own KPI insights dashboards so they can understand their performance and feel a part of company efforts. Motivated employees provide better customer experience and are more likely to stay with you.
  • See the effect of putting strategies into place, ahead of time. Enable your team to run what-if scenarios to understand the effects of different staffing, recruiting or budgeting scenarios. 

Self-service success for

Angelo Arezzi at discusses the success they've achieved working with Teleopti, including how agents up to leadership level all use the MyTime self-service portal to drive business. Agents can see where they're at, planners can react as they see changes happen and management can make sure they get to customers right when they need them.

Ensure your software investments drive high ROI and employee retention

  • Automate time-consuming forecasting and planning tasks. Teleopti WFM accelerates operational efficiency across customer service teams, removing more mundane, manual activities to leave teams with less stress and more time to focus on the real goals and needs of the company and customers. 
  • Trust who and what you invest in. Teleopti has over 25 years of proven high value and benefit as it balances staff cost reductions, increased end-customer satisfaction and higher employee engagement and loyalty.  Interested to find out your potential time and cost savings? Instantly crunch those numbers with our WFM Savings Calculator. 

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Build and tailor your WFM suite to your contact center’s needs

  • Achieve diverse business requirements with Teleopti’s highly flexible range of add-on modules, all centered around a powerful core WFM solution. Our core software, infused with machine learning, ranges from multichannel forecasting through to detailed budgeting, and on to employee-empowering self-service and gamification.

Dive into Teleopti WFM Features

Support your center with cutting-edge innovation and cloud possibilities

  • Collaborate with a vendor at the front of WFM leadership. Whether you're looking to drive omnichannel communications or boost your planning with AI, Teleopti is the perfect partner. As a pioneer for innovation and development, both our software and our people are there to assist your contact center initiatives.
  • Take away IT maintenance costs and stress so your contact center can prioritize important customer matters and develop its business model. As a market leader for WFM in the cloud, Teleopti offers a seamless cloud installation and Software as a Service (SaaS) experience.
  • Integrate Teleopti WFM easily with all technology and customer interaction platforms, including telephony, chat, social media. Create a unified CX environment ready to communicate with customers across platforms and adapt to the contact center’s digital transformations.

Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

The implementation of Teleopti WFM has resulted in less admin and more time to spend with our customers and staff. This has been instrumental to the increase in our NPS (customer satisfaction) and our internal staff satisfaction. Everyone knows that happy employees perform better.

Søren Refslund Havtorn, Manager, Telenor