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Great Workforce Management,
The Heart of Great Customer Experiences

Embrace the easy-to-use, powerful capabilities of workforce management with Teleopti. Teleopti WFM’s dynamic cloud and on-premise solutions enable contact centers to plan and manage operations, engage employees and create stellar customer experiences.

Right people, right place, right time

Workforce management (WFM) is at the core of ensuring companies connect with their customers when and where they need them. Creating outstanding customer experiences is vital for companies to maintain a competitive advantage. Workforce management makes this a reality with the optimization of employee productivity through strategic, engaging planning processes. 

Yet customer expectations and business needs are rising. Many of the companies we work with must manage growing demands in terms of opening hours, response times and first-contact resolutions, paralleled with increasing omnichannel complexity. Cutting-edge WFM software is essential to meet such conditions and customer expectations.

Teleopti WFM maximizes contact center planning with multichannel forecasting, multi-skill scheduling, employee-empowering functionality and self-service, competence development, and monitoring of real-time and past activities. Focusing 100% on creating the most flexible, user-friendly and feature-rich workforce management tools, Teleopti drives streamlined, profitable operations, an engaged workforce and satisfied customers.

Optimize operations,
plan productively

Staffing costs are often the biggest expense in contact centers. Take control with Teleopti WFM’s sophisticated forecasting so you get the most exact plan of the resources you require. Combine business needs, agent preferences and work rules to produce the best possible schedules. Enhanced staffing secures diverse, omnichannel customer interactions within optimal response times. 

Keep everyone connected and updated with the latest schedule using Teleopti’s self-service mobile app and web tool. Nurture workforce collaboration to help employees achieve world-class customer meetings.

Automate activities,
empower employees

Accelerate business efficiency, increase answer speeds for customers and support your employees with WFM automation. Use Teleopti WFM to automatically adjust and personalize schedules based on frontline-employee requests and service-level targets. Easy automation of requests and processes supports a healthy work-life balance, drives higher loyalty, retains competence and delivers happier customers.

Reducing manual tasks, across all areas of workforce management, gives resource planners and team leaders time to concentrate on strategic issues. Ever-increasing demands can be achieved in an intuitive, easy way.

Stay ahead of change,
adapt the plan

Stay in control with real-time information at your fingertips. Grasp and understand all intraday data using clear, multi-leveled analysis tools in Teleopti WFM. A blend of high-level service overviews, detailed performance data and frontline agent status guarantees accurate measurements of operational effectiveness.

Whether faced with understaffing or overstaffing, Teleopti WFM enables a range of choices, including moving breaks, changing activities, overtime, third-party assistance and additional training sessions. Make changes with confidence and communicate them quickly to frontline staff to ensure the desired service level is continually met.

Dive into Teleopti WFM features

All the tools for workforce management success in a single, unified solution

Forecast & Plan
Analyze & Improve
Empower & Work Together
Interact & Notify
Train & Develop

Forecast & Plan

Enhance workforce productivity by blending an understanding of customer behavior and changing conditions to create accurate forecasts and precise yet flexible schedules

  • Accurate forecasting

  • Multi-skill planning and optimization

  • Long-term budgeting

  • Staff administration

  • Employment work rules

  • Outsourcing collaboration

Analyze & Improve

Monitor and manage service performance, both of real-time activities and past results, to get a clear picture of all performance metrics. Ensure informed, data-driven decisions for ongoing success, in the present and the near or far future

  • Report analysis

  • Business intelligence

  • Intraday management

  • Real-time follow-up

Empower & Work Together

Create opportunities for collaboration between all roles within customer service operations to foster workforce engagement with their work and schedule. Automated inclusivity of the scheduling and requests process boosts efficiency and employee empowerment

  • Schedule adaptability

  • MyTime employee self-service portal

  • Gamification

  • Shift trading

  • Absence handling

  • Overtime management

Interact & Notify

Drive contact center transparency by making your workforce aware of the current plan and any changes, in their schedule or between activities within their workday. Clear communication helps employees understand what is needed from or available to them

  • Instant alerts

  • Text notifications

  • Calendar sync

Train & Develop

Identify the skills and knowledge gap in your workforce and automatically schedule the relevant type of training to match that need. Remove the manual work that goes into flexible training planning and developing employee competency

  • Automated training planning

  • Competence management

What's your role?

Teleopti supports every role in your contact center's operations

Teleopti WFM could be the golden jigsaw piece in your contact center puzzle

It works right out of the box,
or can be customized to your exact needs and environment.

The automation provided by Teleopti WFM puts our resource planning team in control of scheduling and gives contact center managers complete visibility of their operations. At the same time, agents enjoy the luxury of seeing their shifts well in advance.

Mark Simon, Head of Resource Planning,