Calculate Your Savings with Teleopti WFM

Keen for a new WFM solution or looking to move from manual processes to automation?  

The Teleopti WFM Calculator focuses on the savings that could be achieved through schedule optimization and adherence, lower sickness and attrition rates, and less time spent on administration. 

The results will show how your company will economically and time-wise benefit from investing in a WFM solution but the benefits of implementing Teleopti WFM are so much greater; providing value for the employee & improving customer experience.

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The results: what you will see

Once you have filled out the online form our Savings Calculator tool will instantly produce the results and offer you the option to download your personalized calculations pdf straight away or have it sent to you by email.  The three-page PDF will show exactly how your company can save through scheduling improvements, through lifestyle module and also through admin reduction. 

What's next?

To further explore the opportunities on offer with a WFM investment you have the option to contact one of our regional managers, watch a recorded demo of Teleopti WFM or register for a live demonstration.

These tools allow us to run our department as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ultimately, that translates into financial benefits by improving service with the same (or less) amount of staff.

Wynn White, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Broad River Retail

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