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United and Unified,
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Dynamic integrations mean accurate, insightful and instant statistics for forecasting, scheduling, real-time monitoring and reporting with workforce management software. Teleopti integrates widely and wisely with out-of-the-box integrations to many different platforms and systems so you get the most out of your workforce management solution.

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Tailor a flexible, unified IT suite that supports your customer service operations. Teleopti WFM integrates with over 100 customer service platforms for telephony, email and chat as well as CRM, HR, payroll, WFO systems and retail solutions. Integrations are possible with anything from home-grown, CPE-based platforms to the latest Cloud Contact Center Infrastructure. Platform interoperability now, and in the future, is ensured through close relationships with big Contact Center Infrastructure vendors and proactive compliance testing when either company releases new product versions.

Committed integrations

Teleopti WFM has seamless, out-of-the box integrations but our team is ready to adapt and develop any integration to fit your IT needs, including home-grown systems. A dedicated team of integration experts offer technical services as part of Teleopti’s Professional Services, making sure you have a smooth technical journey as you introduce Teleopti WFM into your customer service operations. Experts located across the world, specializing in different types of integrations mean you have the right people working on your integrations. 


Synchronize your HR Management

Regardless of your payroll or HR management system, Teleopti WFM can integrate with it. Reduce manual work and increase efficiency of HR processes with synchronization that runs in the background, integrating your employee profile management and payroll systems with Teleopti WFM. Import information into Teleopti WFM about your team, export payroll and absence information from the software so all is aligned and accurate.

Boosted Business Intelligence

Teleopti WFM Insights for cloud users and on-premise Performance Manager tool provide fast and easy ways to integrate Teleopti WFM with your central data warehouse for faster Business Intelligence (BI). Whatever the BI tool, Teleopti software is open to integration, such as with Tableau, Clickview and Microsoft.

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Create and customize 

Develop applications that sit alongside Teleopti WFM using Teleopti’s API (Application Programming Interface). This API is connected and backed up by documented, accessible databases. You can develop such integrations independently working with the API or by collaborating with Teleopti’s integration experts. With this kit the integration possibilities are endless.

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