Make the most of your WFM data through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics that generate actionable insights

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Can you identify with these WFM reporting challenges? 

 Customer Service Director/ Contact Center Manger

  • Unable to make data-driven decisions 
  • Lack of confidence in reporting and analysis 
  • No options to harness and utilize all data 
  • Uncertainty on what is driving changes in customer behavior or employee performance

 WFM Planner

  • Dashboards require multiple reports and are extremely time consuming  
  • Reporting process is rigid and inflexible 
  • Reporting lacks a clear story and creates limited engagement

Delivering reporting that tells a story, reducing the time and cost to produce reports and unlocking the data buried in systems are some of the biggest challenges organizations face.  

Welcome to Insights

Insights will provide your organization with the ability to analyze data and share insights, pertaining to your WFM operations

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Understand customer and employee trends through interactive analysis and visuals

Spot negative trends quickly and take proactive measures to address them

Free up your time by building a dashboard that can be refreshed once, not every day

Create reports that are engaging, have a story and can be easily read by others

Insights is delivered using Microsoft Power BI, the recognized leader for 11 years running in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI platforms.

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Introducing Teleopti WFM Insights

Join Teleopti's WFM Evangelist, Dave Hoekstra, and Insights Product Owner, Robert Bergman to see how Insights works, learn about key functionality and view a short demo.

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