Make your next recruit a chatbot for
optimized employee self-service

Who is Grant?

I will be your personal assistant to help your organization achieve a better working experience for all by using Microsoft AI technology for Intraday Automation and enhanced employee self-service 

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Explore how Grant will help empower your employees
and optimize your operations with AI-driven bot technology by examining some of the challenges Grant will solve. 


  • “My focus is ensuring our customers are satisfied and our costs are low. It’s hard to do that when struggling with high attrition and low engagement.”

 WFM Planner

  • “I don’t have an easy way to notify people quickly when we’re overstaffed and time off is available. I’m always seen as the bad guy when it comes to employee requests.”


  • “I don’t have enough vacation accrued to take a few hours off. I feel trapped with so little flexibility. Other people get to leave early or work overtime, why don’t I get the same opportunity?”

Let’s see how Grant can help

“My goal is to help employees feel empowered while at the same time helping the contact center close any staffing gaps. Let’s see how I can help.”

Life with Grant

Empower your Employees and Optimize your Operations with AI-driven bot technology

Work-life Balance
Grant will let employees know when they can get voluntary time off or earn extra money by working overtime. Grant automatically sorts these requests if employee accepts

Intraday Automation
Based on staffing levels, Grant will provide each employee with individual request suggestions, suited to their profile and schedule

Customer Experience
Grant helps company’s meet customers in the right place, at the right time with the right people who feel empowered with more freedom in their working day.

Lower costs
The WFM team and organization can achieve more flexible intraday planning with lower staffing costs.

Grant is an intelligent bot that leverages Microsoft’s bot technology to deliver better self-service experience for employees, a more streamlined process for internal communication, and intraday operations that are both flexible and efficient.