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Revolutionize how you plan and manage your workforce. Our cloud & on-premise software makes life easier for employees, quicker for customers and better for business.

Targeted Success for Sustainable Business

Business today holds many demands, demands that are ready to be turned into opportunities. Focused 100% on Workforce Management (WFM) solutions and software, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to add strategic value to key areas of business success for your company.

Suite sophistication, all in one place

Combining optimized staffing with employee engagement possibilities, Teleopti WFM enhances visibility, adaptability and performance. Mobile-ready, agent-friendly, meet a solution that catalyzes operational potential in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Forecast and plan upcoming work volumes to meet demand

  • Analyze and improve real-time and historical performance and agent activities

  • Empower and involve employees for aligned planning processes

  • Notify workforce of updates with clear communication channels

  • Train and develop the competency of employees

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