Teleopti WFM Cloud on Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is a cloud contact center platform that’s infinitely flexible, instantly deployable and intuitively programmable to fit the exact needs of each and every contact center customer, giving them full control and choice in one platform. Teleopti WFM Cloud offers contact centers access to best-of-breed, employee-empowering workforce management functionality as a cloud-integrated offering in Twilio Flex.  

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Automation and cloud-to-cloud integration at its best, Flex customers will soon be able to access web-based, user-friendly Teleopti WFM Forecasts, automatically integrated with Twilio Flex, at the simple push of a button. Leave us your contact details in the form below and you'll be the first to know when the Teleopti WFM Forecasts free trial is ready for automatic integration with your Flex suite.

An important planning and productivity tool for contact centers, the Teleopti Forecaster delivers one-click forecasting with a detailed graphical display. Create accurate, multichannel forecasts using historical data and precise algorithms. Take seasonality into account and input needs of upcoming campaigns to forecast staffing requirements over a year in advance down to minute level.

Explore Teleopti's “how-to” guide - Tips and techniques for accurate, effective forecasting - to take your forecasting to new levels.

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Teleopti WFM Cloud is a global, market-leading cloud Workforce Management solution for contacts centers. With an extensive suite of tools for forecasting, scheduling, people management, monitoring and intraday action, companies can deliver streamlined, engaging omnichannel customer service. Building on a powerful base set of functionalities, each customer can tailor the solution to meet their exact challenges in a cost-effective way through optional, easy-to-implement modules. The solution is highly configurable, allowing international operations and multiple working practices.

Key points in the process of using Teleopti WFM Cloud for optimized customer service operations, lower costs and engaged employees include:

  • Forecasting for coming service periods – Analyzing and cleaning historical data for each skill and adding this data to predict upcoming volumes and required head count.
  • Defining agents and their abilities, including contracts, teams, skills, proficiencies etc.
    Scheduling agents against forecasted skill demand (linking in any BPO resource requirements). Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Adding in holidays, time-off, meetings, training etc.
  • Communicating schedules to agents via a mobile app or web portal – agents can log their vacation, absence and overtime requests, preferences and shift swaps etc. all from the self-service mobile app.
  • Monitoring the actual intraday figures during the work day, including incoming demand, actual staffing versus required staffing, and agent adherence. Manual and automated intraday schedule updates can be sent out via the app or SMS.
  • Producing advanced, detailed reports to evaluate performance, manage business needs and ensure continual improvements.

Top choice for contact center planning

  • 100% WFM – Staffing is the top cost for many contact centers, so we are dedicated to driving better workforce management and planning with 100% investment in WFM software, delivery and support. Teleopti WFM is consequently an industry leader for ease-of-use as well as great options to transform and automate processes.
  • Extensive core offering – Customers are empowered with a suite of specialized tools for all employee roles, for agents, resource planners and team leaders alike. A flexible module design enables easy suite expansion. A commitment to cloud WFM has accelerated Teleopti’s rapid year-on-year growth with 80% of new customers being cloud-based.
  • Customer-driven culture – With a customer-first focus, our team and software work to support and accelerate customer success. This could be why we've come Top for Overall Vendor Satisfaction 4 years in a row in DMG’s WFM report and 96% of customers would recommend Teleopti.
  • Engaging employees - Having 25+ years of experience providing tools to motivate and empower employees, Teleopti is a pioneer for engagement innovation and paves the way for agent-centric self-service solutions. 



Customer success with Teleopti-Twilio integrations

Flex customer Shopify were able to grow and diversify their customer service using Twilio and Teleopti WFM Cloud

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