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The Teleopti WFM Solution

Teleopti WFM Cloud is the leading cloud Workforce Management solution for contacts centers. With a full suite of tools from forecasting, schedule, people management, monitoring and intraday action, companies can deliver optimized and effective customer service across a wide spectrum of channels including phone, email, chat and social networks. Building on a powerful base set of functionalities, each customer can optimize the solution through optional modules to ensure a tailored approach to meeting challenges in a cost-effective manner. The solution is highly configurable, allowing multiple working practices and geographical spread.

Available globally, with data centers in 54 regions across the world, Teleopti’s WFM solution optimizes your planning and secures your data wherever you are. 

Case Summary

Teleopti WFM Cloud offers advanced planning possibilities and operational solutions for contact centers (and other customer service teams). Key points in the process of using Teleopti WFM Cloud for optimized customer service operations, lower costs and engaged employees include:

  • Forecasting for coming service periods – Analyzing and cleaning historical data for each skill and adding this data to predict upcoming volumes and required head count.
  • Defining agents and their abilities, including contracts, teams, skills, proficiencies etc.
  • Scheduling agents against forecasted skill demand (linking in any BPO resource requirements). Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Adding in holidays, time-off, meetings, training etc.
  • Communicating schedules to agents via a mobile app or web portal – agents can log their vacation, absence and overtime requests, preferences and shift swaps etc. all from the self-service mobile app.
  • Monitoring the actual intraday figures during the work day, including incoming demand, actual staffing versus required staffing, and agent adherence. Manual and automated intraday schedule updates can be sent out via the app or SMS.
  • Producing advanced, detailed reports to evaluate performance, manage business needs and ensure continual improvements.


Key benefits to a Worldwide Service


Available for phone, email, chat and other channels, Teleopti WFM allows accurate forecasting to be quickly realized to deliver required service level and customer satisfaction

Agent Empowerment

The key to successful customer service is active engagement of customer-facing roles. Teleopti WFM nurtures company culture and employee focus to directly contribute to the customer experience

Balanced Scheduling

At the heart of Teleopti WFM is a powerful scheduling engine which allows for thousands of employees, with multiple skills across media types to be scheduled quickly

Adapt and Respond

Through an easy-to-understand graphical interface, users can quickly understand issues that may arise during the working day, analyze various options, and then take action

Where Teleopti shines

  • 100% Workforce Management focus - which enables us to have a strong focus on the software, innovation, delivery and support. Teleopti WFM has a high-level ease-of-use as well as great options to automate process.
  • Extensive core offering - instantly empowered with a suite of specialized tools, for agents, resource planners and team leaders. A flexible module design enables built of top. Rapid year-on-year growth has been accelerated by Teleopti’s dedication to cloud WFM with 80% of new customers being cloud-based.
  • Customer-driven culture - Rooted in a customer-driven culture, our team and software works to support and accelerate customer success. That's why 96% of Customers would recommend Teleopti and we've come Top for Overall Vendor Satisfaction 4 years in a row in DMG’s WFM report.
  • Engaging employees - With a long tradition of providing tools to empower and motivate employees, Teleopti is at the forefront of innovation and leads the way for agent-centric self-service solutions.  

Teleopti WFM integration to Amazon Connect – An overview

Teleopti WFM is seamlessly integrated with Amazon Connect. Historical call  data is collected from Amazon Connect, and is stored within Teleopti WFM. Data then can be verified and adjusted as required by the Forecasting team to allow adaptive forecasting techniques to produce an accurate demand forecast for a defined future period. With a role based interface, which is intuitive, teams can share information quickly, and intraday adaption, either manual or automatics, ensures that operations remain fully optimized.


Architecture details

How it works

Teleopti WFM is a fully featured cloud solution for contact centers, enabling them to forecast, schedule, monitor and adjust their contact center operations in a cost-efficient optimized manner. Integrating with Amazon Connect to allow historical data to utilized for future forecasting, and (REAL TIME) to provide insight into the current situation. Teleopti WFM allows for the efficient management of contact center workforce, and easily integrates with other systems such as HR and payroll. Data can be imported and exported from/to a range of service including BPOs.

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Quickstart - How to add Teleopti WFM to Amazon Connect
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