8x8 Virtual Contact Center with Teleopti Integration - Contact Center and Workforce Management solutions that fit together like a hand in a glove to help you provide your customers with the best possible service in the most cost effective manner.


The two products work closely together to provide our customers with a full arc of capabilities that enable you to build better relationships with your customers than ever before while saving significant costs at the same time:

  • Use data from the 8x8 contact history to build a highly accurate staffing model.
  • Use the Teleopti staffing model to drive more efficient staffing of your contact center saving up to 30% on your personnel costs.
  • Use 8x8 status information to fine-tune your staffing plans on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum efficiency in your contact center.
  • Give Agents the freedom to swap schedules through a variety of self service tools

Take advantage of our Cloud Mashup:
Because 8x8 and Teleopti provide cloud based solutions with powerful integration capabilities, we can provide our customers with the best of both worlds:  two cloud based best of breed solutions utilizing pre-defined integrations to work tightly together as if they were a suite provided from a single vendor.  This integration will ensure that you are always on the latest and greatest version of each solution, hosted by each company’s operational, team to ensure the best reliability, performance and security.

Improve Performance across your teams and on each interaction:
8x8 and Teleopti provide highly complimentary capabilities, each bringing high value to your customer relationships:

  • 8x8 uses smart routing and the ability to increase first call resolution, reduce call transfers and make every interaction as quick and efficient as possible.
  • Teleopti uses a powerful staffing model to reduce cost by maximizing the efficiency of the overall operation of your contact center. 

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