June 16, 2016

Teleopti celebrates 10 years in the Middle East

Teleopti is celebrating it’s tenth year anniversary operating in the MENA region. 

It was in 2006 that Teleopti management team understood the need to expand its business into this fast evolving region, and within a year a representative office was opened. The results quickly exceeded expectations.The company started with just a couple of employees and one customer, but now boasts more than 50 established customers. Teleopti’ s customer list varies from major Telecom operators, banks, and many different verticals within the region. Teleopti ranks number one when it comes to the number of customers and sold licenses, a number that tops all competition.

“I vividly remember my first deal closing. Teleopti has undergone spectacular growth since. We proud ourselves in taking part of transforming the face of customer service in the region”, commented Hossam Amer, Regional Manager, Teleopti MENA. "Over the past decade we have witnessed contact centres transforming, we can say with absolute confidence that they are on the right track”, Hossam adds.

Teleopti has been named leading worldwide WFM vendor by DMG Consulting for the second consecutive year. A ranking attributed in recognition of the remarkable efforts made to continue developing a first-class workforce management solution, and the engagement towards customer satisfaction “With such an honor comes great responsibility. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for improvement. We enter 2016 with strong determination, aspiring to sustain our leading position next year as well”, says Olle Düring, Teleopti CEO.

The 10 year anniversary milestone not only marks off hard work and thriving, it is the occasion to look back and evaluate our achievements as well as our pitfalls. “With over50 customers – and counting – across the region, we are committed to keep on providing top-quality service to our customers, thus enabling them to do the same”, says Hossam Amer.

Over the past 10 years, the region’s technology consumption has increased. The Middle East has taken on the challenge to drive customer service to the next level, investing heavily in new technologies, and nurturing a qualified workforce. The Middle East represents a coveted market that constantly unfolds new opportunities, and at the same time challenges all boundaries.“We are geared up for the next 10 years, learning more, pushing ourselves to address the needs and challenges of modern day learning and development professionals by coming up with innovative solutions which redefine the way contact centres operate. Pushing the ambition a little bit further, we want to be the foremost WFM vendor in the region and in the world”, saysMagnus Geverts, Chief Business Development Officer.


Teleopti has spent tremendous efforts to establish and develop long-term partnerships, adding value to each other, performing at the highest level, and cultivating mutual trust"Building strong partnerships has always been at the core of Teleopti’s strategy. When we look at the list of partners we have worked with in the last 10 years, it is in itself a testimony of how much we have grown as a solution provider and as an organization”, saysHossam Amer.