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June 16, 2016

Teleopti and Expertflow pool their workforce management expertise to tap new opportunities

Teleopti and ExpertFlow, two leaders in the contact center industry, are pleased to combine their know-how to offer their customers the necessary tools to run their contact centre efficiently. Building on 25 years of combined experience, this partnership will further benefit the long list of satisfied customers both companies have in the MEA region. This list of customers include big names like DEWA, Egypt Commercial International Bank and Tunisia Telecom.

ExpertFlow is a pioneer in delivering and maintaining turnkey call centres and voice portal infrastructure solutions in the Middle East, Pakistan and Africa to local Enterprise clients. Teleopti, a worldwide leader in workforce management solutions, successfully services customers in over 80 countries. These two powerhouses combine efforts in order to continue building traction and seek new opportunities to strengthen their presence in the MEA region. “This strategic partnership brings Teleopti leadership in workforce management solutions and ExpertFlow knowledge in contact center technologies together, striving to put the adequate workforce management solution in the hands of industry professionals to help them meet their goals”, says Peter Iskandar, Managing Director, ExpertFlow Egypt Middle East & Levant.

Organizations that rely on contact centres to interact with customers can no longer afford loopholes in their daily operations. Today more than ever, contact centre managers are being challenged; between a rising demand for quality customer service and a very mobile workforce, winning the bet of productivity while remaining a flexible employer is a challenging task. Teleopti and Expertflow has teamed up to redefine the way organizations manage their contact centres, giving it more visibility without losing track of the need for simplicity in daily operations. The forecasting and scheduling tools they can now provide allow managers to plan ahead and react proactively to change. “It is a natural process for two companies like ours to search for new business possibilities and to join forces to tap new markets. Teleopti has been working on solidifying our customer base in the MEA region in the last few years, and having the chance to do so with Expertflow is an opportunity we cannot let pass us by”, says Hossam Amer, Regional Manager Teleopti MENA. He goes on to add “The importance of knowledge transfer cannot be underestimated, having a trusted partner implement our solution strengthens us as an organization, allowing the flow of feedback in both directions”.

“I believe that this strategic cooperation can only expand our horizons. We have been working closely with Teleopti to provide our customers with the most reliable, stable and versatile solutions in the market. Partnerships like this open the doors for improvement and pushes boundaries, we can only hope that down the road, Teleopti and Expertflow will continue drawing on the strengths of each other, and make even more successful wins”, concludes Peter Iskander.