den 30 april, 2010

Teleopti management changes – strategic decision to strengthen the company for further worldwide expansion

Teleopti announces that effective July 7th, Mr. Nils Bildt, CEO, owner and founder of Teleopti
will step down as CEO for Teleopti. Mr. Olle Düring has been appointed as the new CEO.
Mr. Nils Bildt will take the role as Executive Chairman of the Teleopti Board focusing on Business Development. Mr. Malcolm Hamilton, present Executive Chairman of the Board
will remain as a member of the board.

The decision for this change of leadership comes after 18 consecutive years of profitable growth that has established Teleopti as an EMEA market leader in both the contact
centre Workforce Management (WFM) market, as well as the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) market. Teleopti is now in a phase of expansion both westward into
the US Market as well as east into the China Market. Teleopti had a turnover of
SEK 110 million last year and made a net profit of SEK 6 million. ”We SAVE, we are STABLE and we help customers IMPROVE, these are the three main reasons for our growth”, comments Mr. Nils Bildt.

Mr. Olle Düring has worked at Teleopti for twelve years, most recently as Business Development Director. He is prepared to take over as CEO this summer and will
continue to build and serve the extremely loyal customer base.

Our most important goal will always be customer satisfaction. A key element how
Teleopti maintain the high customer satisfaction has always been speed. We must
be quick in all aspects; time to market for new products, short time from a customer request to a new function, quick and efficient support. If you are not quick in our industry, the industry will leave you behind
”, says Olle Düring “Our challenge now is to not let our growth and expansion come at the cost of reduced speed.

That Olle Düring is the right person to take over after me has been planned for while”,
says Nils Bildt. “Olle has been with the company for more than 12 years and has had
many different roles and therefore a deep knowledge of all parts of our business.
He sold our first Teleopti WFM solution in the UK and hence started our expansion
in Europe by starting up our London office. I feel confident that Olle will be the CEO
that will lead Teleopti to future successes.