den 4 oktober, 2010

Teleopti Launches First Skype Enabled TEM Solution

Teleopti has made its TEM solution Teleopti Pro compatible with Skype. The Skype connector is handling all traffic generated from Skype ID´s like any other telephone (PBX extension or mobile phone). The threshold, to use Skype for business calls, is now eliminated when enterprises can handle the generated costs (Skype Out calls) the same way as other telecom cost driver within the organisation. The usage is processed in the Telecom Expense Management solution Teleopti Pro.

The connector is, besides from handling all Skype Out calls, also handling all Skype to Skype calls (external and internal) which enables enterprises to run reports on how much traffic is being generated via Skype and what savings that realises. A large amount of the international calls can be transferred to Skype to Skype calls and huge savings can be done.

”Skype is becoming more interesting to enterprises with easy conference calls, video calls and desk top sharing. Now when you easily can handle generated call costs and at the same time follow up on traffic flows and savings, Skype will be an option for enterprises”, says Johan Flink, Product Manager at Teleopti.

Enterprises that are using the Telecom Expense Management solution Teleopti Pro saves a lot of time by minimizing administration, and at the same time increasing cost awareness and control. You can reach 20-25 % annual savings of all telecom related costs by a combination of changed usage behaviour, minimized administration, less invoices to handle, basis for procurement of improved tariffs, Asset Management and control etc.


For further information please contact:

Johan Flink, Product Manager, Teleopti Pro

Mobile +46 709 21 81 6 or e-mail