den 15 oktober, 2010

Teleopti AB and Excitor A/S launch solution for real-time roaming cost control

Teleopti AB and Excitor A/S have entered into a partnership to provide an integrated solution to control mobile costs and drive more economy-conscious behaviour in business users. The unique offering is based on an integration between the Telecom Expense Management solution, Teleopti Pro, and the Mobile Device Management solution, DME, from Excitor.


The current reality for most enterprises today means that unexpected telecommunication costs accrued by the employees, are often invoiced the month after it took place, giving no opportunity to intervene on high cost behaviour before it is too late.

With the help of Teleopti Pro and DME Mobile cost control, enterprises can continuously monitor roaming costs as the costs occur. By providing immediate information on calls, messages and data costs  - both domestic and roaming -  the enterprise can detect costly usage and prevent further cost escalations before they happen. 


Through the mobile interface and real-time alerts to the user’s device, this solution gives the customer the opportunity to alert the individual user of the costs they are incurring and thereby affect their calling decisions and behaviour.  The result is a reduction in roaming unless essential and thereby a reduction in overall communications costs.


Smartphone alert examples



Centrally created limits for what is considered normal consumption for voice, messages and data during a period of time, e.g. a month can be applied. When the limit for e.g. voice calls is reached, employees will receive an alert directly to their mobile phone. Employees can also easily follow their usage on the built-in report screen to better understand their current consumption compared to the monthly limits, and from where the cost is actually generated.
Enterprises can group the employees into different usage groups and apply different monthly limits and actions, depending on the agreements made between employer and employee. This functionality has been available in Teleopti Pro for fixed telephony and, through the integration with Excitor's DME, is now also available for wireless telephony in real-time.

”80-90% of an enterprise’s total traffic costs consist of mobile traffic, and the roaming portion of this is increasing. There is a huge interest from companies to decrease roaming costs and achieve significant savings”, says Johan Flink, Product Manager at Teleopti.

“With the cooperation between Excitor and Teleopti, a very powerful tool for proactive cost control, security and policy management will be available to the market. Excitor’s DME has a unique engine for reporting data, voice, mms and sms usage. The integration between our platforms will provide optimal benefits to enterprises looking to decrease costs whilst keeping employees productive when on the road", says Peter Hensdal, Country Manager at Excitor.


More than just helping companies reducing mobile costs, Teleopti Pro Alerts with DME aims at helping employees to become more responsible when it comes to their mobile usage. By educating them on how much they actually spend, they are more likely to adjust their behaviour accordingly. 

For further information please contact:

Johan Flink, Product Manager, Teleopti Pro

Mobile +46 709 21 81 33 or e-mail
Phone: Nordics (HQ) +46 8 568 95 000


Excitor is a leading provider of Mobile Device Management solutions. Excitor develops and sells DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) to organizations globally. With sales and implementation offices and partners worldwide, Excitor  assist enterprises of all sizes  mobilizing their workforce, and cost effectively manage their mobile devices. DME ensures that companies can administer and support thousands of mobile units – centrally and effectively – without compromising security. DME supports all major mobile operating systems, runs on all networks, and is operator-independent.

For further information please contact:
Bertrand Carton, Marketing Manager, Excitor

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