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den 10 juni, 2010

Cococ Streamlines Customer Services with Teleopti WFM, version 7

For immediate release, June 11, 2010

China based leading travel solutions provider Cococ have helped improve customer services as well as contact centre moral with Teleopti’s latest Workforce Management application, Teleopti WFM, version 7. It is the first Chinese customer in what is an exciting market for Teleopti, with full Chinese translation throughout the whole Teleopti WFM solution, it was an easy and natural progression into the far eastern country. Working with local partners NetInfo and VoiceCyber, the project was successfully completed in March to help forecast and schedule their 250 agent contact centre in Shenzhen.
“Teleopti WFM is easy to use, especially with the full and precise translation, with highly accurate forecasting and clear and easy to use and distribute schedules”, said Ms. Xiajing of Cococ. “We have been extremely pleased with the training and after sales services.”

Mr. Neale Faulkner, Project Manager for Teleopti said “It was a pleasure to manage such a successful project working with NetInfo and VoiceCyber, in such an interesting and exciting country as China. What was especially pleasing was how Teleopti WFM was so easily adaptable for the Chinese contact centre market, and this was proved with the highly professional and expertise of Cococ’s contact centre management and workforce planning team.”
Mr. Thomas Leung, President of VoiceCyber also addressed “Teleopti WFM is an effective solution to help customer contact center to improve and optimize service qualify with less manpower and management working time. In addition, by integrated with VoiceCybers recording and QM, Teleopti and VoiceCyber could offer full WFO solution in the near future.”
“Teleopti WFM is for the first time integrated on a Huawei platform, supported by Netinfo in China and globally. It is a successful project and we have confidence that we will bring in more satisfied customers on the Huawei platform”, says Mr. Zhang Haixing, General Manager of Netinfo.
Using the latest version of Teleopti WFM, Cococ are able to make the best use of the Long-Term Forecaster along with Seasonality and Trend calculations to get the most accurate Forecasts, enabling a Schedule which offers flexibility and fairness for the agents. Historical data was collected from their Huawei ACD to both support the forecasting as well as produce extensive reports within the standard reporting of Teleopti.

About Tempus (Cococ)

Tempus began more that 10 years ago and has since been incorporated in Shenzhen, China. In the beginning, Tempus started as a traditional Chinese trading business. As time progressed, Tempus followed with the development of our passenger ticketing business, representing all major airlines as a GSA. Tempus has since moved into the supply chain and logistics industry.

Tempus has had very clear foresight by entering into the logistics industry. The management has been able to acquire various pieces of land in many prime locations within the port area, the Free Trade Zone “FTZ” and the newly developed bonded logistics park “BLP” in S. Yantian.
The core business started from airline ticketing and the logistics activities relevant to travel and tour organization. Tempus currently represents all the major airlines in China and a number of major international airlines such as South China air, North China, Eastern China, China Air, United airways, Singapore airways, British airways and Cathay Pacific.
About VoiceCyber

VoiceCyber Techologies Ltd. was founded in 2001 to address the rapid growth of global CTI market. With the extensive experience in the global market, the company benefits from a group of international oriented management team, the Operational HQ is located in the dynamic business environment of Hong Kong and the R&D facilities are located in the blooming technology environment of China.

VoiceCyber specializes in multimedia logging/monitoring and call quality assurance. Our flagship product, VCLog, has been deployed in many leading contact centers of banking/finance and insurance organizations as well as control centers of public safety, public utilities, ATC and governments sectors around the globe.

VoiceCyber has become the market leader of multimedia logging/monitoring solutions and applications provider in North Asia. With our recent establishment of European Operation Centre and expansion of International Business Development team, our global presence and awareness are raising rapidly.
About NetInfo

Shenzhen Netinfo Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and focusing on system integration in telecommunication, data transmission networks and contact center infrastructure, etc. Netinfo is also a golden partner of Huawei IPCC products, with more than 50 staff and branch offices in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hefei. Netinfo headquarter locates in Shenzhen.
Netinfo deployed business and had a lot of successful cases in Post, Logistics, Stocks Exchanges, Electricity, Funding Service, TAX, Public Security and Cable TV service, etc. For more information: