den 5 juni, 2009

Teleopti Foresees a Continuous Growth During Q2

Teleopti reports good order growth Q1 2009, 25 % more than last year! A lot of new customers, from different countries have chosen Teleopti in Q1 in Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Oman, France, Germany, United Kingdom, UAE, Tunisia, Marocko, Algeria and Egypt!  

Teleopti foresees a continuous growth during Q2 and for the foreseeable part of 2009, as long as we serve our customers well. And we will support our customers well.

Teleopti opens now another office China and enter China with good partners and a Chinese version of Teleopti WFM. We will also build local support.

It is now confirmed that Teleopti is the largest WFM providor in EMEA and now also number one in Enterprise WFM in Middle East servicing contact centers, retail outlets and Enterprises with work-force management solutions. It is also the region were we have made most new business lately.