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den 6 juli, 2009

BEELINE - 20% Increased Schedule Adherence With Teleopti WFM

The VimpelCom Group (brand name “Beeline”) has contact centres covering the whole of the Russian Federation and handles calls from more than 50 million mobile and fixed-line subscribers in every region of the country. The contact centre agents handle calls 24/7 and have a wide range of skills and knowledge required to deal with the company’s customers.

Efficient management of the contact centre’s resources, including planning of the number of agents required in relation to the volume of incoming calls, is an important task that requires a workforce management solution to provide a high-quality service to the customers.

“We used to produce the agents’ schedule more or less “manually”, using Excel. The planning process took a long time and the result often left a lot to be desired,” recalls Yuri Solovyev, Project Manager at VimpelCom.

With the aim of making the process more efficient, the decision was made to switch to a professional approach to planning and to introduce a Workforce Management system. After evaluating the functionality of the systems available on the market, Beeline’s experts decided to choose the solution offered by the Swedish company Teleopti and to work with its partner in Russia, Avaya. An additional factor which influenced this decision was the preliminary analysis (Operational Assessment) carried out by Teleopti showing how cost-effective the implementation of this project would be.

“Working with Beeline provides us with very valuable experience,” remarked Alexander Ivakin, Avaya’s Sales Director for Russia and the CIS countries. “Based on the volume of tasks being carried out by the agent, Avaya is fully capable of scaling its solutions and adapting them to specific business goals and the company’s requirements as these changes.”

Teleopti WFM is a software application which can help resolve the complex tasks involved in managing the workforce within the distributed structure of the Beeline contact centre. Teleopti WFM is an easy-to-use, flexible application which includes tools for producing forecasts and work schedules for multi-skilled agents.

The deployment of the Teleopti WFM Workforce Management solution at Beeline was initiated in January 2008 in the Moscow regional contact centre where more than 1,500 agents are employed. A particularly rigorous approach was adopted to implementing this project. In the preparations for implementing the system, the project’s objectives and goals were defined, along with indicators for assessing the results achieved. The basic aim was to increase operational efficiency and the loyalty of contact centre staff.

The tasks which can be carried out using Teleopti WFM’s features include forecasting, scheduling of resources based on the forecast, monitoring compliance with the Russian Federation’s Labour Code and taking into account staff’s preferred working hours when producing the schedule.

A few key performance indicators (KPIs) were also defined for assessing the project’s results, including the rate of the agents’ adherence with the schedule, the correctness of the forecast produced for incoming calls and the agents’ occupancy rate.

Throughout the project’s implementation, the technical specifications were implemented in full and integration took place with Avaya’s contact centre. The training provided by Teleopti consultants during the project facilitated the migration of business processes from the “manual” planning scheme to the automated system and a painless adaptation for the staff. As a result, the system was implemented in February 2008 for testing and just three months later it switched to full-scale operation. Beeline then initiated implementation of the project in its regional centres.

The Teleopti WFM solution, offering an intelligent approach to implementing the project and optimising business processes, enabled VimpelCom to significantly boost its contact centre’s operational efficiency. In particular, the agents’ adherence to the schedule rose by 20% as a result of introducing automated monitoring and taking into account the staff’s preferred working hours. Thanks to a more rigorous approach to forecasting the workload, the contact centre resources’ occupancy rate increased by 10%. A year after the Teleopti WFM solution was first implemented, it is now operating in 10 VimpelCom contact centres across Russia, managing the working time of more than 3,000 agents in 4 time zones (GMT +3, +5, +6, +8). Summing up the results of the project, Yuri Solovyev concludes: “At the moment, we are not using any way near all the features the system can offer and we see real potential in expanding its functionality in order to boost the operational efficiency of the company’s staff further.”

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