den 30 juni, 2008

Improvements in Teleopti Pro SP2

In June we release Service Pack 2 for Teleopti Pro. We have put in a lot of time and effort into increasing performance and significantly speeding up Book Services and certain Reports, to further increase usability.

Integration with the issue management system MMK

Teleopti Pro Service Pack 2 also contains an integration with Vendel Data's issue management system MMK. Due to our cooperation with Vendel Data, we can now offer Teleopti Pro customers a unique, integrated solution with a professional grade issue management system in order to simplify and streamline work in telephony departments even more.

Teleopti Pro provides relevant information for an issue, such as object, organisation, billing groups, attributes, et c. Closed issues that are to be invoiced are in turn exported back into Teleopti Pro, in the form of a service booking for the concerned object.

Improved traffic reports!

We have received many requests for improvements of Traffic Reports, and that's exactly what we've done. Selection including "dialled number", "show objects with costs over" and "maximum number of rows" have been added.

There is also a new traffic report specifically for answer groups. This report works basically the same as a normal traffic report, but with a difference: you have the option of viewing particular answer groups instead of just nodes.

New alarm surveillance

The new interface for alarms makes it easier to keep track of where an alarm originates. The alarm reports are more detailed with information about what has gone wrong in order to maker troubleshooting easier and quicker. You don't have to set up alarms yourself – alarms are automated and if something goes wrong with logging, external data import or an integration, you will know instantly.
Many other improvements!

Tooltips are now displayed on the selection page for list style reports. This is useful when the contents are longer than the selection field. Many customers have five or six organisation levels, which makes very long cost centre names.

The invoicing overview is now available also for the current period.

As of Service Pack 2 you have the option of only viewing the chart for Call Trend on PBX, if you only need a quick overview.