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den 10 september, 2008

First half year was good for Teleopti customers

Dear all,

The first 6 months of 2008 was very good for Teleopti customers, partners and employees. We grew by 19 % and we remained profitable to ensure a high customer satisfaction with further developments and investments.

- Twenty-four (24) new customers gave us their confidence.
  That is one new customer every week!
- Six (6) new partner agreements signed, trained and selling.
  That is one new partner every month.
- Six (6) new country flags for the first customer presence; in Afghanistan,
  Ukraine, Oman, Dubai, Nigeria and in Bangladesh!
  That is one new country flag and operating presence every month!
- We added fourteen (14) new and very good colleagues.
  That is one new colleague every second week!
- Three (3) new offices opened; one in Helsinki (Finland), one in Frankfurt
  (Germany) covering all of Central Europe and one in Moscow covering   Russia and CIS countries.
  That is one new Teleopti office every second month!

This fall we intend to keep the pace we have set for 2008 and do a lot more;
- We will launch the new platform for Teleopti WFM at CC Expo in Birmingham,
  UK in September!
- Maintain the > 96 % customer satisfaction by further investments in our
- Get into six new countries to be closer to Customers and Partners!
- Open two additional offices to be closer and to be more agile in our support
  to both Customers and Partners!
- We will launch IMPROVE services for you – ensuring that you continue to
  improve your business!

I am eager to learn how we can support you even further, please call me and/or my colleagues!

We care even more!

Best regards

Nils Bildt, CEO Teleopti,