February 17, 2015

Teleopti introduces Teleopti WFM Cloud to Brazil based on Microsoft Azure

In late 2014, Teleopti Brazil celebrated its first sale of Teleopti WFM Cloud, the new cloud-based business solution from the Swedish multinational.

Pluris Mídia, a Brazilian company with 16 years’ experience in the market for contact center outsourcing, was the first in the country to adopt Teleopti’s new business solution, Teleopti WFM Cloud. In order to improve its forecasting and planning processes, Pluris Mídia will implement the tool with practically no infrastructure investment required, improving performance and increasing customer loyalty.

According to Luis Crem, Director of Operations at Pluris Mídia, Teleopti WFM Cloud was an ideal match for the company, which needed a high-performance solution to keep pace with the expansion of its contact center business. He explained that “Teleopti’s new contracting option works really well for us as there’s no need to invest in hardware and software. We have a monthly subscription to use the tool over the Internet, and Teleopti will handle all maintenance and updates.”

The Swedish multinational, which provides its leading WFM solution in over 75 countries, launched Teleopti WFM Cloud in Brazil during October 2014 in order to meet the needs of customers like Pluris Mídia that are constantly expanding and that need to bolster their operations.

Alexandre Schultz, Teleopti’s General Manager in Brazil, believes the new Teleopti WFM Cloud business solution is extremely important for the Brazilian market as it can be purchased by a larger range of sectors and outsourced contact centers. Hosted by Microsoft in their Azure cloud, it is a secure, scalable and reliable solution.

Teleopti is renowned for providing customers with workforce management solutions with a very compelling Return on Investment. The Teleopti Cloud solution further lowers the barriers to start using advanced workforce management to optimize staffing levels. Teleopti WFM Cloud can be configured more quickly by end customers and is easier to integrate in their ACD/CTI systems by configuring a single link, the Teleopti CloudLink.



About Pluris Mídia
Set up in 1997 to provide a high-quality service in managing relations between companies and customers, Pluris Mídia provides a whole range of call centre and consumer support services in both the B2B and B2C sectors. It is the ideal solution for companies with various areas of activity, including both in- and outbound services, that are looking for an outsourced contact centre structure. Read more at www.plurismidia.com.br.

About Teleopti
Teleopti, a top, global provider of workforce management software, offers a world-class WFM solution that is sophisticated, localized and easy to use. As the largest “best-of-breed” vendor, Teleopti focuses on helping contact centers, back offices and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability – through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling.

Founded in 1992, Swedish-established Teleopti has customers in over 75 countries, numerous offices around the world – from Beijing to São Paolo – and a comprehensive global network of partners. With a record of continuous net profitability for over 20 years and with high customer satisfaction ratings, Teleopti serves as a reliable partner. Find out more: www.teleopti.com.br.

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