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December 16, 2014

Teleopti AB wins WFM bid for Billions Finance

With just one year in operation, lending firm Billions Finance has expanded its business in the whole of China, earning top-level market share. In response to the booming market, the firm has around 2,000 agents working in their customer-service organization. However, continued expansion, anticipated for 2015, brings new challenges. In December, 2014, Teleopti won the bid to provide a workforce management (WFM) solution for the rapidly growing firm, in dire need of top-notch WFM automation.

Olle During, CEO of Teleopti AB says: “Billions Finance is just one example among many of businesses booming in China, and with it come growing call centers for their customer-service operations. We are extremely pleased to be able to provide Billions Finance our WFM expertise first-hand, with local presence.”

During one of Teleopti’s visit to the customer-service centre in Shenzhen, the management team’s expectations about the WFM project were addressed. Xu Shenning, COO of Billons Finance, sums up her concerns: “We will be facing many challenges with this project for it will need to accommodate around 2,000 agents at multi-sites in both Shenzhen and Wuhan, as well as integrate phone and back-office skills, currently located on different platforms.” 

Xiao Lou, senior consultant of Teleopti, responds: “I will do my best to make the improved and optimized results visible. Once the project reaches completion, I will help all project members understand the value and contribution of Teleopti WFM to all of Billions Finance.” 

Reassured, Shenning concludes: “We strongly believe that after implementation, Teleopti WFM will bring about a better management process, as well as an optimized service level that creates happy customers and agents.”


Picture caption:  December 1, Beijing - Olle During, CEO of Teleopti AB and Qian Long, CRO (Chief Risk Officer) of Billions Finance, shake hands after signing a strategic cooperation for a major WFM project for the Billions Finance office in Beijing. 

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