February 26, 2014

Teleopti fortifies workforce management market leadership in the Middle East and Africa

Following Teleopti’s strategy of promoting growth and business expansion, the opening of the Dubai office to cover the MEA region has proved incontestably important. Today more than ever, building strong partnerships and strengthening local presence are top priorities.

In 6 years, Teleopti has become a trusted Workforce Management (WFM) vendor throughout the Middle East and Africa region (MEA). With close to 50 customers in the MEA region, among which 25 are big telecom operators, Teleopti intends to continue focusing on customer service and being close to MEA market demands.

“In a strategic orientation towards the African continent, Teleopti, in collaboration with business partners with whom we have cultivated productive and enduring relationships, has succeeded in expanding in 8 countries in Africa; two years ago those markets were still an untapped market”, says Hossam Amer, Business Manager of Teleopti in the MEA region “Today, our Workforce Management solution is used in Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and South Africa.”

“We see a tremendous growth potential in Africa,” says Olle During, CEO of Teleopti. “From a technology standpoint, businesses in Africa are going through a transformative phase, and with a technology revolution taking place in Africa, companies now have specific needs and demand urgent answers. If you look at how fast the African continent has adopted new technologies, internet usage and rapid business expansion, it is clear that a proper technology structure is progressively taking place.”

Nourishing a vision for innovation and sustainable development, Teleopti has expanded to other verticals among existing customers, taking the current Workforce Management solution into new areas such as retail branches, and back office. This new initiative builds upon Teleopti’s plans to build new core competencies to offer more to our existing and potential customers.

The opening of the Dubai office six years ago was vital for Teleopti in order to ensure closeness and efficient communication with customers in the MEA region. “We are very excited to go into a new era, last year we injected the MEA team further with a new experienced senior consultant as well as a sales and marketing coordinator” says Hossam Amer. “We continue to reliably improve our solution, and constantly thrive to make our customers very satisfied.”

About Teleopti
Teleopti is a leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce Management (WFM) in contact centres, back office and retail stores. The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions based on client requirements. Enterprises in more than 70 countries rely on Teleopti to achieve optimal operational efficiency, increased employee satisfaction and the highest level of customer service. Teleopti, established in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992, has several local offices around the world and operates through a comprehensive network of partners.

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