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March 18, 2013

Teleopti customers enjoy 23% greater staff utilization

Independent research validates that workforce management solutions improve
contact centre agent usage, effectiveness.

Findings from a 2012 Aberdeen Group research study on workforce management in the contact center indicate that companies using workforce management (WFM) solutions, such as Teleopti, as a part of their contact center workforce management deployments enjoy strong performance on a number of key measurement points, compared to contact centres not using a WFM solution.

Of the 166 end-user organisations surveyed in the Aberdeen study, 31 of them were Teleopti users. An excerpt is now summarized and published on the Teleopti website “Research Findings on Performance of Teleopti Users”.

“The findings are impressive,” says Olle Düring, CEO of Teleopti. “Compared to their peers, companies using Teleopti as part of their contact centre WFM activities experienced a 23 percent greater agent utilization rate. We know that customer satisfaction is vital to any contact centre. This is proof that with our Teleopti WFM solution, the service level performance of any business can be improved dramatically.”

Teleopti users were also found to exhibit a 53% success rate in meeting quality Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compared to end-users in average contact centres experiencing a rate of 31 percent. “We have the highly accurate forecasting and efficient scheduling to thank for this,” explains Düring. “That, combined with powerful adherence-monitoring tools for both agents and team leaders equips our customers with the right tools to meet customer SLAs at the highest level–day in, day out.”

A key component of the Teleopti WFM solution is its outstanding user-friendliness, which correlates to increased usage of the solution. This, in turn, increases associated benefits for customers. “Here again,” says Düring, “compared to end-users in average contact centres, our customer’s performance in these key areas are striking.”

  • 55 percent higher rate in accommodating new and unexpected staffing needs; 
  • 55 percent higher rate in forecasting agent demand through multiple channels; 
  • 88 percent higher rate in automated agent scheduling to meet forecasted demand levels. 

“Teleopti’s aim is to keep its customers ahead of their competition by optimising, and positively impacting, all areas of customer service from long-term planning and intraday management, to follow-up and performance management.  And, based on findings from Teleopti’s own customer survey, with nine out of ten customers recommending our solution to others, we are doing a thorough job meeting their needs,” concludes Düring.

For more information, contact:

Teleopti USA: Magnus Geverts, President, Teleopti Inc, USA
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Regarding the independent customer survey conducted by Teleopti:

Media Contact: Camilla Arneving, Marketing Manager
Phone: +46 72 222 81 04