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May 14, 2013

Inroads into South Africa - tying the knot with VVM

Stockholm, 14 May, 2013: Teleopti, a global leader in workforce management (WFM) software that helps organisations maximise agent efficiency in contact centres, is pleased to announce the sign-on of VVM, a specialist outfit in debt recovery and revenue management (RM) operations in South Africa. The move signals Teleopti’s entry into the South African market and is seen as a first step of the company establishing itself as a main, quality provider of WFM solutions in the region.

By teaming up with Huntrex, a leading WFM consultancy in the African region, Teleopti not only plans to support but lead clients on a journey of best practice. “We, at Teleopti and Huntrex, are proud to be working with VVM as our client in South Africa,“ says Teleopti sales manager Neale Faulkner. “And even more so because South Africa represents huge potential, not only for understanding the need for a quality WFM solution, but for being able to use WFM methodologies for consumers that are increasingly demanding better customer service and expecting greater interaction.“

South Africa, a veritable hotbed for the contact centre market, with call centres mushrooming up over the past decade, represents a leading, contact centre role for Teleopti, especially within the outsourcing sector - thanks to its readily available, skilled and proficient workforce to handle calls from all over the world.

“While WFM usage in South Africa is somewhat lower than that of comparable contact centre countries, now with proper support available from partners and technology vendors - pivotal to the success of any WFM project - South Africa is likely to catch up with the rest of the world,” says Faulkner.  According to the research outfit Frost and Sullivan, the U.S. is a mature WFM software market, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecasted at 5.8 per cent over the next five years. But Europe, the Middle East and Africa are not trailing far behind, with CAGR at 4.1 per cent for the overall contact centre market.

The Teleopti WFM solution, Teleopti WFM, has already had a positive impact on VVM’s core business that specialises in revenue management and business process outsourcing (BPO). With its specialised BPO service on offer, with 23 years’ experience in this market sector and over a 1000 staff, VVM has become the first-choice for revenue management and BPO partner in the region for private and public-sector organisations. Already, shortly after initial purchase of 100 Teleopti client contact centre (CCC) agent licenses, the company experienced an improvement in agent utilisation and productivity.

 “Increasing agent availability for calls during busy periods leads to greater revenue collection and profitability for VVM and its clients, who benefit from Teleopti providing a consistent level of service throughout the day and week, taking calls at all times - not just during less busy periods,” states James Guthrie, COO of VVM. “This, in turn, boosts our business with higher customer satisfaction and ensuring that we keep our abandoned rate to a minimum, as every abandoned call is a loss in revenue.”

Prior to signing on with Teleopti, greater accuracy in forecasting incoming calls and scheduling resources to match demand represented major challenges for VVM. Guthrie confirms this by saying: “Before, we were using Excel spreadsheets and were pretty much reduced to just being re-active. But now, with incoming calls forecasted with 90 to 100 percent accuracy, we are scheduling our resources much more optimally.”

Operating from a resource base of multi-skilled agents and blended schedules, Guthrie explains that, for example, outbound agents are able to take inbound calls during periods of heavy, day-time traffic and visa versa, during quieter periods inbound agents are allocated to outbound campaigns. Furthermore, real-time agent monitoring has resulted in successfully achieving agent occupancy and availability targets on a daily and interval basis. Best of all, by being able to carry out trend analyses and better understand seasonality changes, planning these days has improved, especially for responses to outbound campaigns - a vital part of VVM’s business.

The WFM solution was installed at the beginning of the year and has been up and running smoothly ever since.

About VVM
VVM is a Specialist Outsource company with 23 years’ experience in Early and Late Stage Collections, focused across numerous Sectors, including Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Parastatal, Municipal, to name only a few. With a staff compliment of over 1 000 staff and currently managing over 4 500 000 arrear accounts VVM is positioned to assist companies globally with debt recoveries/Revenue Enhancements.

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