November 8, 2013

China Citic Bank has signed with Teleopti

Fast-growing China Citic Bank, Credit Card Business Unit, has signed an agreement with Teleopti’s partner Youcheng Technologies for Teleopti´s Workforce Management (WFM) solution, Teleopti WFM. The agreement has increased Teleopti´s WFM customer base with more than 2000 seats.

Wang Longxiang, GM of Yucheng Technology CC BU, states; “It is a joint success of Huawei, Yucheng and Teleopti. Huawei will deliver the new call centre platform, Teleopti will deliver the component of WFM, and Yucheng will implement total call centre projects.”

“We will apply and configure a quick monthly forecast model, which will enable China Citic Bank to run a quick and accurate forecast,” says Ye Cheng, China Sales Director. “This will help them when planning resources and in the end it will enable them to meet customer demand and solve day-to-day challenges more efficiently. The project is now in the testing phase, and will soon enter into the production phase. We are looking forward to helping China Citic Bank to maximise their team scheduling results, improve the service level and build a more team based organisation.”