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June 26, 2012

Teleopti was present at the Customer Contact Planning 2012 in Blackpool, UK

Teleopti was present at the recent Professional Planning Forum Annual Conference held in Blackpool, UK 23 – 24 April. Teleopti was a specialist sponsor in the areas of enterprise planning. The conference was a mix of presentations, case studies, round table discussions and seminars. It was outstanding in its breadth of coverage not only technologies but also the people side of the contact centre in the areas of planning, customer experience, business intelligence, speech analytics, etc. The event gave us a fantastic opportunity to meet many of our current customers in one place, where they can also discuss Teleopti WFM experiences amongst themselves, as well as to discuss the benefits of Teleopti WFM with potential new customers. Which we happen to spend a lot of time doing.

Of particular note was the increased interest in enterprise planning, which is the application of planning principles in other areas of the enterprise more specifically the back-office and retail areas. This is good news for Teleopti having already expanded Teleopti WFM into these areas. Watch the interview with Lisa Franzi at Telenor Stores (2:05). For more information about how you can apply Teleopti WFM into these additional areas of your enterprise contact Steve Willetts (

All in all it was a jolly good time.