April 16, 2012

MTN Nigeria workforce management project successfully delivered by Huawei and Teleopti

Apr 12., 2012, Stockholm and Shenzhen] MTN Nigeria is the largest telecom operator in Nigeria and serves around 38 Million users. They have 3 call centre sites in Lagos, Kano and Jose. Lagos is the biggest site with more than 1000 agents. At present, MTN Nigeria Customer Service has more than 2500 agents to support the end-users in 4 languages. 

After the implementation of Teleopti WFM workforce management (WFM) solution, the previous competing WFM system was dropped due to lack of seamless integration with Huawei IPCC, too long implementation cycle and that the tool was too complex to work with for the users. 

With Huawei’s support, Teleopti spent only 2 weeks to install Teleopti WFM at 3 sites and have the system go live.  

“This is the fastest and most excellent WFM project in any Huawei Call Center project I have experienced”, said by Mr. Hu Haiqing, project manager of MTN Nigeria. After the installation, Mr. Adish, Teleopti WFM senior consultant, conducted 2 weeks of training and workshops for schedulers, managers and key users, and after that MTN Nigeria started using Teleopti WFM. 

“We have never seen a system that can handle all the complex tasks in one single system at the same time as being so user-friendly and easy to understand,” commented Mrs. Oluchi, Mr Ademola and Mr. Wali, MTN Nigeria resource management and WFM team, who signed off the UAT report without hesitation.  

“We will provide further consultancy to the customer, helping MTN Nigeria to improve their customer service level as well as achieving a high staff satisfaction rate. We will also help the customer increase service capacity per agent, allowing steep business growth to be handled by moderate increases in staffing", Adish said with confidence. 

“We will cooperate with Teleopti in more projects in the fast-growing Call Center business. A seamless WFM solution based on a stable Huawei IPCC platform will result in a better customer experience”, said Mr. Ma Jingtao, Director of CRM & BI Product of Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.