February 21, 2011

World-class workforce management tool gains resource budgeting functionality: Free-of-charge Teleopti WFM Forecasts now includes Budgets module!

The free forecasting offering of Teleopti has been available for workforce management forecasting in the contact centre, back-office and retail markets for almost two years, and has been a huge success with more than 2000 downloads from customers world-wide. Customers of all levels of complexity have been enjoying the easy-to-use forecasting wizard that makes data validation and seasonality and trend analysis quick and painless, for inbound as well as all types of multimedia and email. The ability to work with months as well as weeks and days, and to easily add campaigns or follow-up forecasting accuracy all in one screen has been very appreciated by customers.
Today Teleopti announces that a completely new module of functionality, Budgets, will be added to the workforce management solution Teleopti WFM Forecasts, while still keeping it free-of-charge. This allows customers to create long-term staffing budgets based on the forecasted need as well as the available resources, while taking into consideration attrition, shrinkage, efficiency, exceptions, and to balance these out with new hires, contractors, overtime etc. Bringing staffing budgets into a balance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis has never been easier! Teleopti WFM Forecasts, now with staff budgeting functionality, will be available for public download for both new and existing customers from early March at http://forecasts.teleopti.com

For further information please contact:
Enri Bimbashi
Product Manager, Teleopti WFM 
Phone: +46 709 21 81 55
E-mail: enri.bimbashi@teleopti.com